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Airtel launches Ultrafast 4g services in Andaman and Nicobar, becomes the first to do so.

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Since the commissioning of the fiber link in the Union territory, popular telecom name, Airtel has announced that it has launched the ultra-fast 4G connection in the region.

The Andaman and Nicobar islands are two of the most loved and all the more visited places in India. From scenic views to jaw-dropping sunsets, this island is a bang on a place to spend your holidays in. While the tourists loved every bit of the region, what they complained about was the fact that there was either no or very weak cell service and internet connectivity.

The fiber link is surely going to turn out to be an awesome upgrade for the islands and it truly deserved it. Not to mention, the fiber link has open gates for 4G but can also incorporate 5G in the future too. As the fiber link allows connectivity of high-speed broadband and better mobile and landline operating services, the population is appreciating the introduction of the same.

The nation has had 4G since 2012 but with the popularity and accessibility of JIO, 4G spread all around the nation but the islands were an exception. It was only 2G and 3G network that was available for the residents and the tourists. However, one could access the 4G network in the region but it sure isn’t affordable.

Thanks to Airtel, that the region now has what the whole nation has had for years. This will increase the number of opportunities and will also make a trade and other relations easy. It definitely is a major stepping stone that will only lead to its development and will uplift the islands.