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Bahatam Siva Pavani | C.C.I.D National Chairman

Women Excellence Awards
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Interviewed by The Success Today – A Digital Webzine

I am Dr. Bahatam siva pavani.I belong to the Army family and CCID National Chairman from Hyderabad.
I am fighting for the girls and ladies right. I am also spreading awareness for
Girls about good touch and bad touch. I also give freedom for girls education.
I give counselling to girls and poor people. I helped people in Corona to give them food in panic time.
I saved 30 girls from Jammu Kashmir And send them to their parents.

My Ambition is to become CCID, like Sakhi, and Disha, to protect the girls from criminals.
I am a social worker.I would say that I love my family as well as my society. I give 50% of
my money to my family as well as to my two societies, I have adopted 4 children, so by doing this I am a mother too. I want to become a politician so that I can do a lot more
to my society as well as to support the public and organizations.
I love songs and dance also. Humanity makes many things in our
life, money leads a life, so much difference between money and humanity so I love humanity.