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Aryya Roy, one of Delhi’s most established tarot card readers, has won many Best Tarot Reader awards. Her immense knowledge and caliber in the spiritual and universal power field are dedicated to attracting good fortune to the life and career of her widespread clients.
In India, Aryya Roy has garnered immense popularity for her reiki healing, psychic readings, and tarot card reading expertise. Over the years, she has established herself as one of the most significant personalities whose breakthrough performance and illustrious journey in the industry are helping thousands embark on the path of positivity.

Aryya Roy, one of Delhi’s most established tarot card readers, has won many Best Tarot Reader awards. Her immense knowledge and caliber in the spiritual and universal power field are dedicated to attracting good fortune to the life and career of her widespread clients. She has consistently expressed her gratitude for how her clients inspire her to keep going on and on.
“It has been a decade since I stepped into the industry. What was once my passion has today earned me immense recognition nationally as well as internationally. It is indeed the outcome of the hard work and dedication I put in to serve my clients with unmatched reiki healing, tarot card reading, and psychic reader solutions,” said Aryya Roy.
Aryya Roy guides clients to transform negativity into positivity through proper healing, reading, and manifestation practices. She wishes to reach as many people as possible in this lifetime to build a world that feeds on nothing else but positivity.

Aryya Roy is one of the most magnificent and empowering women you will meet. She has transformed the thinking and mindset of thousands of people for their good. Her sustainable and holistic approach towards her clients aims to serve them with the finest tarot card reading, psychic readings, and reiki healing experience.
With glorifying years of experience in the industry, Aryya Roy has been providing various services in the segment of tarot card reading, psychic reading, reiki healing, manifestation, love, and relationship solutions. Her spiritual methods are directed towards precisely pacifying the inner soul of an individual with divine energy.

Aryya Roy has long been a famous tarot card reader and the best reiki healer. She is a world-class reiki healer, psychic, tarot card reader, and love relationship problem solutions advisor. Popularly recognized as the monarch of the universal and spiritual power healing industry, her approach toward her clients is charming, considerate, down-to-earth, and conversational.
Current and potential customers who have engaged with Aryya Roy speak highly of her potential. They stand by her quick glimpse into the lives of her customers into their unpredictable future. The renowned specialist is one of the most looked-upon professionals in Delhi for her simple and reliable spiritual methods.

Aryya Roy has an amiable and approachable personality. She is the go-to person for anyone who wants to know what is going on in their lives and get back on track to build positive lives. She is helping thousands of people improve their professional and personal lives with the help of divine energy.

She added, “I am very thankful to every customer who trusts the process with me. Most people who book a spiritual session with me or approach me through my social media handles understand the effort I put in to bring positive growth to their lives. Together, we have achieved milestones and performed exemplarily. I hope my small contribution brings them good fortune on every step of their journey, as it brings me.”

The best tarot card reader in India, Aryya Roy is a certified expert trusted by thousands across India. She has extensive experience and connections with globally certified professionals. Her minute and detailed tarot card readings have aided many individuals in getting the better of their hurdles in life. This has aided her in obtaining a great deal of certifications and regard in the field.

Her Instagram and YouTube channels give the general public valuable insights into building purposeful lives. She posts helpful content, including live sessions on Instagram and Twitter, to reach more people and stay in touch with them. She doesn’t hold back in any way on her mission to direct thousands on the path of positivity in life.

Aryya Roy has completed her biotechnology and genetic engineering degree in London. She studied tarot card reading and reiki healing while she was in London. She is also one tremendously established tarot card reader. Her spiritual power potential is not restricted to crystal healing.

The eminent spiritual expert uses Spirit Guidance and Angel Connection for all Angel Card Readings. She has finished her Bachelor’s degree in Divine Spirituality from Scotland, United Kingdom. Aryya completed her Tarot Certification from the Academy of Tarot in the year 2012.

“I was only 12 years of age when I got glimpses in dreams. I was confused whether they had a good meaning or a bad meaning. Then, I realized that what I saw wasn’t a dream but a reality. It happened with people for real. I could see the past and the future. I knew it could influence people’s lives and guide them to choose the right path,” says Aryya, the pioneer crystal Reiki healer and tarot expert from Delhi.

Aryya’s journey to the top is quite interesting. She shares how she first found out about her powers in the US while learning crystal healing and karuna healing. After grasping skills from many courses in tarot card reading and spiritual healing, she came back to India. At the time, Aryya had no master plan to pursue an occupation in this field.

Over the years, Aryya’s passion for bettering people’s lives and her spectacular healing skills have aided thousands worldwide. Her compelling crystal healing and tarot card reading practice have concluded thousands of inquiries.

“Spiritual healing helps people heal all emotional, spiritual, and mental blocks by channeling divine energy. It’s a great way to align your chakras, creating eternal happiness in your energy system. Tarot card readings can also open a dialogue with a therapist. Your life circumstances will take on a new meaning with tarot reading,” says Aryya.

Reiki is a prevalent form of spiritual healing. She believes it is an effortless yet effective energy-healing practice. In this practice, the Reiki healer uses the universal life force energy to provide heal a person.

“Reiki healing is the powerhouse therapy for one’s mind, body, and soul. Reiki healing can be seen when a child falls down and scrapes himself, but when her mother touches the injury, the pain goes away instantly,” adds Aryya.

Aryya Roy turned to tarot card reading for guidance during a difficult time. She began searching for answers and relied on tarot cards for advice. The experience was so intense that she decided to pursue it as a profession. Today, she is recognized as one of the top tarot card readers in the country.

According to Aryya, tarot card reading is not just about future predictions but also about gaining clarity in life. It is one of the best tools to understand the present scenario and make the right decisions.

Aryya believes that tarot cards are a reflection of the energy of a person. The cards selected by the person can reflect what is going on in the subconscious mind of that person.

Aryya’s tarot card readings are not limited to predictions. They convey a lot about healing. She uses her spiritual energy to spread positive energy in the lives of her clients. One of the most significant objectives of her tarot card readings is to free her clients from negative emotions.

“I like to help others. I know it sounds very general, but it’s what inspired me to continue my mission. I felt connected with angels since I was young,” said Aryya.

When you consult Aryya, she chooses cards for you. Cards lead her down a particular path. When she consults the card, she sees the way and lets her clients know about it. Now it is up to them whether they want to take that path. Sometimes, she uses Spirit Guidance and Angel Connection in a problematic situation. That’s called an Angel Card Reading. Through this reading, she can summon angels and then ask them to guide her through cards.

Why should you choose Aryya Roy as your Tarot Card Reader?
Aryya can identify a person inside out, which differentiates her from other prominent success, life, and psychic professionals. The motive of her procedures is to help her clients accomplish their objectives in life and work using the best solution. Her clients need this skill to guide them through traumatic experiences, determine relationships’ boundaries, make career breakthroughs, and find solace at any point in their lives.

As one of the most famous power-performance and manifestation coaches, Aryya Roy has transformed the lives of over 10K people in the last 14 years. She has been one of the most intuitive healers with a highly sought-after path.

From students to professionals, entrepreneurs, and married people, the certified tarot card reader and reiki healer has been passionate about helping people. She has a soft heart and does not feel good when she finds people in vain or struggling.

She can make out the potential of an individual in the very first stance. This capability differentiates her from all the other spiritual healers in the line. It enables her to pull her clients from harrowing experiences and make breakthrough achievements in pursuing happiness.

Aryya Roy also prioritizes engaging with the common public through leading social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. She regularly interviews some of the most exemplary people on her YouTube channel. She excels in providing good insight to her viewers and audiences to help them make a mark.

Aryya Roy is a staunch believer that every problem has a solution. She does not leave a single page unturned regarding her clients. She does the best in her capacity to give the best solution. She has a great understanding of human psychology, which equips her with significant expertise in tarot card reading, angel therapy, crystal reiki healing, psychic reading, the law of attraction, and more.

Aryya Roy empowers her clients with advice on how to deal with frustration, stress, and anxiety correctly. She uses the power of Reiki to heal people. She does not find it challenging to build a connection with an individual emotionally.

The graceful manifestation coach, Aryya, has helped many entrepreneurs and professionals achieve new heights of business success. She is always willing to help people build better business connections and long-lasting relationships to grow the company and explore its unlimited potential. If you are one of those people, you can connect with her through her social media handles or the Google Business page. You can also book a one-to-one session with her through Whatsapp: +919953214108.

Our lives are often filled with negativity. It is common to feel this way when we are not happy at home or at work. Often, in such moments, we’re unsure what we should be pursuing in order to succeed, be happy, and fulfill as we can. It’s a time when we require external guidance to help us realize our full potential and figure out a way. To live a great life and enjoy its happiness.

Over the years, tarot cards have played an integral role in learning about the past, present, and future. It is one of those critical elements humans can rely on to find purpose in life and make informed life decisions. Although many people do not believe in the power of tarot, many others swear by it. Aryya Roy is one such eminent personality in India who stands by it and engages in unveiling the unknown.

In times of uncertainty, mood swings, feelings of anxiety, and disbalance in life can impact an individual’s mental health. In such instances, getting a tarot card reading can give an individual a sense of control. It helps them make out what is to happen next. It makes them ready for what’s ahead.

“Alternative therapies such as spiritual healing improve the mental health of individuals and are excellent alternatives to mental therapy. At the same time, help people heal for the greater good, opening new doors of opportunity for them,” finished Aryya, one of India’s most acclaimed spiritual healers.

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