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TaalMell – Sustainability for Everyone

Business Journey
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“Do you think that you have got the potential to run and flourish a business launched within the lockdown? This isn’t simply a time pass? Are you sure you’re not going to suffer loss in this ? These were a number of several shots thrown at us once we determined to start out TaalMell.

Harshi and Parag was a recent faculty graduate and they lost their field placement offers due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, on June 17, 2020, they start their very own venture TaalMell.

Both of us wanted to deal in copper bottles as we were conscious of the malpractices happening. I used to be once duped with the standard once I bought a bottle for myself.”
Having witnessed the dereliction of duty, Parag and Harshi started with elaborately Designed written Copper Bottles with a secured copper purity certificate. Then, they additionally start sorting out additional merchandise and located out that Bamboo toothbrushes are being sold-out at Rs. 150.

“As we all know that sustainable products are terribly expensive, we determined to come up with a complete brand that may offer the products at a modest rate. And that’s however TaalMell was born!” said Parag.

While we were all elated to possess our terribly own Eureka moment, this was simply the start of what the long run had future for us. Coming from ancient business families, our oldsters weren’t bound concerning our E-commerce business flight.

And, with the complete COVID restrictions happening we weren’t able to get our company registered; even the samples of our merchandise were delayed by months. we tend to running six months behind our original schedule.

While everybody around us perceived us as 2 inexperienced 20-year-olds who were canny to start out within the middle of a virus, we tend to committed to our vision of providing the simplest plastic substitutes.

Soon, our efforts began to pay off as our bottles became a crowd favorite because of their engaging vary of exquisite prints, varied health edges, and honest value.