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Delivering happiness to your Chokhat

Business Journey
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No matter what quantity you intend for things, what number variables you account for, what number shocks you are expecting, huge things in life happen as and once they ought to. which is that the story of however my inspiration, Chokhat, was born. A home is a family’s biggest investment and that we want to assist them to create their dream home return true – Prachi Bhatia (Founder)

The simple plan behind Chokhat is to form what I, as a client, couldn’t notice in the market, which was freshness. everyplace you look, you’ve got a similar product everyplace, with minor changes.

The same proportional font of merchandise has created a monotony within the market, and customers have gotten bored and tired. At Chokhat, we have a tendency to believe that we’re enclosed by magic by all sides, in the least points of your time.

We have birds, insects, the sky, animals, and their habits. They’re all choked with magic, and therefore the core mindset behind Chokhat is attempting to capture that magic in our merchandise.

Even after I was operating, I had an inventory of names for my company. I want to arrange out little details regarding this dream, one that may most positively actualize, whenever I had time. I shortlisted 2 names out of the list that I had and asked my friends and family to vote. On day of Ganesa Chaturthi that year, Chokhat was born. Chokhat is that the commencement into your house, commencement into your happiness.

We have additionally been receiving smart feedback from our customers, with regards to our styles and therefore the quality of our merchandise. So, we have a tendency to believe that slowly however steady, we have a tendency to square measure moving towards gaining that trust and hopefully, and if things estimate the method we wish them to, there’ll be day once Chokhat is that the name that like a shot involves people’s minds once they deem home decoration or gifting.

We might have an extended thanks for opting for that, however, we are going to get there.


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