Most Iconic Hospitality & Foods Management Firm in India by Rohit Tandon & Karan Makan

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Coverage by The Success Today

The founders of Fraternit Foods, have amassed an impressive list of accomplishments and achievements throughout their entrepreneurial journey. With a keen eye for innovation and a passion for culinary excellence, they have successfully established Fraterniti Foods as a prominent name in the food industry. Mr. Tandon’s vision of creating aesthetically pleasing places that immediately work on guest’s experience, coupled with Karan Makan investment tactics, has propelled the brand to new heights. Under their visionary leadership, Fraterniti Foods has expanded its presence in multiple cities, attracting a loyal customer base and earning a reputation for delivering delightful dining experiences.

Rohit Tandon, one of the founders of Fraterniti Foods, is a visionary entrepreneur whose upbringing in Delhi instilled in him strong values and beliefs. He pursued his studies in Hospitality and Management at IHM Lucknow, which laid the foundation for his entrepreneurial dreams. Rohit’s career began by working with esteemed names in the hospitality industry, including ITC, Taj Group, and Marriott. Seeking new perspectives, he moved to Europe and held senior management positions, leading hotel businesses for renowned brands like Marriott. This global exposure not only enhanced his understanding of running successful ventures but also shaped his vision of creating warm and welcoming environments with captivating interiors that can immediately uplift guests’ moods. After returning to India, Rohit embarked on his dream of bringing hospitality to the doorsteps of average Indians, starting with a hotel consulting and institutional catering firm in 2008. Today, his innovative approach and commitment to excellence have propelled Fraterniti Foods to become a thriving brand with multiple successful outlets across India.

Karan Makan, Founder of Fraterniti Foods, is an investment consultant and an enthusiastic young entrepreneur with a vision of integrating technology and the food industry. His ambition is to create one of the best brands from India that reaches new heights. Karan Makan’s investment portfolio is diverse, with investments made in the fields of technology, food, beauty, and entertainment. He has supported prominent brands such as Subway, Mikel Coffee Company, and Crepe Delicious, contributing to their expansion. The rise of café culture and its significance caught Karan’s attention during his International ventures. With a strong background in both national and international settings, Karan has also provided valuable support to Indian-origin brands Haldiram’s, Molecule Air Bar, One 8 Commune, Gola Sizzlers, and Gianis to name a few.

Both Founder’s ultimate dream is to see their own brand flourish, and the increasing number of franchise owners across India is evidence of the success of their vision. Their unwavering dedication to continuous improvement, coupled with their ability to anticipate and adapt to evolving market trends, has solidified Fraterniti Foods’ position as an industry trailblazer. Their remarkable achievements serve as a testament to their entrepreneurial spirit, culinary expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

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