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Hello! I am Ruhaani Chaudharyy, founder and CEO, of RC International Healeers. I mainly specialize in Numerology, Vastu, Tarot, Reiki healing, Lifecoach, and Spiritual & medical hypnotism healing. In addition to this, I am an expert in more than 51 occult science modalities.
Before venturing into this field, I was preparing for UPSC Civil Services. I have also appeared for interviews for Civil Services in many states. During this time, I was also preparing for M.A. in Yoga. While preparing for my M. A Yoga in Rishikesh, while studying Pranic Healing, I experienced some experiences that became the turning point of my life, and I completely started exploring this healing knowledge. First of all, I underwent the rigorous test of self-attunement in Reiki, and then in the company of many other gurus, I delved deeper into this subject. After that, this journey passing through many stages continues even today with experiences and examinations of various Occult modalities.
During the Civil Services examination, I also pursued B.Ed, M.A, History, UGC-Net, and other competitive examinations, but my soul found peace only in this field. After gaining knowledge in Numerology, I came to understand why I was attracted to this science and grasped hold of this science very fast. Numerology told me how my numbers are making the most suitable combination for this field. This is why I achieve the maximum in less time.
Till now, I have helped about 1 lakh 5 thousand people through consultancy. Which, along with India, I am providing consultancy to clients from countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Singapore, Mauritius, etc. In this, I am associated with some companies to whom I am providing services like Numerology, Vastu, and Reiki. Besides, I am working to solve and heal the problems of many bureaucrats, politicians, students, and people associated with the entertainment industry through this Ancient Healing Science. Through these Vidya, I am also providing solutions to people’s problems related to Career, Business, Health (Mental and Physical), relationship issues, education, money problems, harmony in life, home, and company through Vaastu.
What kind of partner should be in business, what kind of staff should be there, who should be chosen as a life partner, who should invest money in the share market, who will be more successful in politics, etc. things can be told very easily through science like Numerology.

The biggest USP of my working style is that whenever a client comes with his problem, I try my best to solve the problem the first time, and the client does not come with this problem again. Also, my solutions are very practical. Which you can do easily in this busy life and by making it a part of your life, you can get its benefits throughout your life. Which is very less expensive. With my measures, the client’s mental health becomes stronger. In which they can solve any problem and move ahead. An example of this is more than a dozen students who were not able to get a visa due to not passing IELTS. But with these measures, They became so mentally strong that despite many obstacles, They passed the exam and also got the visa.

Vision and Mission– To help the people of the country and the world who are facing problems like economic, family, physical, political, social, trade, business, career, spiritual, mental health, emotional trauma relationship issues, etc. To make those people aware of their talent and strength and to achieve success in their lives by giving them self-love and respect. My mission is that whoever comes in contact with me should be able to solve all his problems by using this classic ancient science, this planet should be a planet full of happy faces and not sad ones. For this, I am trying to provide solutions to their problems by organizing seminars for the minimum amount (because Guru Dakshina is mandatory) for those people who cannot pay much fee. Along with this, there are some misconceptions among the young generation regarding this science, we have to eliminate those misconceptions, blind beliefs, and hypocrisies and give them the right logic and method to give this science its rightful place. This science is our art of living. It should be used not after getting into any problem but before getting into it so that you can create a success story in your life.

Achievements, Founder and CEO RC International Healeers, • Post HARYANA STATE PRESIDENT of Star Journalist Purohit and Astrology Federation. • VISHWA RATNA AWARD by Worthy Wellness • JYOTISH RATNA AWARD by Star Journalist Federation Gwalior• USA BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS AWARD 2024 • INDIA’s MOST EMINENT WOMAN EXCELLENCE AWARD 2024 by The Success Today. JYOTISH GAURAV AWARD 2024 by Shree Vedaamritam Sansthanam Jaipur Foundation Jaipur, I never feel tired from my work and field, rather I feel more energetic. If this topic comes up, I feel healthier even when I am sick. For this, I have worked for 20-20 hours without sleeping. While studying it, I feel that I am connected to some supreme power. I feel relaxed even after studying continuously for 10-15 hours. Whenever a person with a problem comes to me, professionally only one hour is allotted for consultation, but I get so engrossed in solving his problem that I don’t even realize when two to three hours pass. Because for me this field is not a profession but a mission.

Hobby– Traveling, shopping, watching movies, keeping the house clean and decorated, listening to songs, reading books.

Advice– First of all, I would like to say that the way God has created us is a masterpiece in itself. For example, when we see a key, it is very teddy-like, but apart from that key, no other key can open that lock. Secondly, in today’s era, we need to work on our physical health as well as our mental health, and by using the science of astrology in the right way, we should choose our career after knowing our strengths and weaknesses. Make all the events of your upcoming life a success story by making it successful. Use all the knowledge of astrology as your art of living. Stay free from all problems by using this science even before the problem arises, make this science a part of your art of living, i.e., your daily routine so that you can stay safe from upcoming problems and protect yourself with a permanent protective shield.

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