Chirasree Bandyopadhyay-Most Promising Trauma Recovery Therapist, Quantum Manifestation Coach & Healer from Kolkata

Women Excellence Awards
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Interview by The Success Today

Could you tell us about yourself and your work?
Hello, I am Chirasree Bandyopadhyay from Kolkata. I help my clients manifest their desires while taking care of their mental health and applying quantum physics principles in their daily lives. I am the founder of the company Quantum Dynamic 8 and I have also developed a modality called Quantum Integration Therapy after learning several other modalities and drawing inspiration from them like Access Bars, NLP, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Joyous Body Protocol, Law of Attraction, Law of Assumption, Limiting Beliefs Clearing, Emotional Intelligence, Happiness & Spiritual Coaching, Knowledge Broker, UI UX Integrated Product Designing & Mental Health Coaching
I have dedicated my life to working with those who are going through CPTSD, trauma bonding, and Stockholm syndrome, have been through adverse childhood experiences, and are stuck in the pain of that suffering & that has held them back from going and truly thriving in life
I truly care about someone going through extreme mental health distress because I have been through it and I genuinely know how it feels to go through inner distress and not have anyone to understand you. My heart goes out to such individuals and I genuinely want to contribute to the life of such individuals

A lot of individuals don’t live their true desires and cannot unleash their true potential and inner genius for the deep-seated trauma and wounding they carry. People live in their heads in inner conflicts, fear, and triggers and hide in the shivering states of paranoia from CPTSD and they are beautiful empathetic souls who are sloshed under the pressure of years of suffering they carry & my heart goes out to them & getting to be there for them, supporting them and helping them unleash their true core deep-seated potentials, Followed by re-regulating their emotions and nervous system, holding space for such individuals, and seeing them get clarity, hope, and determination again & move towards manifesting their dream life from clarity makes me truly happy & satisfied inside & out. This is my definition and idea of a dream life & I am truly getting to live my dream life every day

How are you and your service helping society?
I have over 5300+ success stories at this point and I have helped people solve every kind of problem, ranging from relationship issues to inner child healing to career transition, deep trauma healing, core wounds clearing, money manifestations, miraculous health success stories, and manifesting back to back miracles and I genuinely love to be of service to the society and I’m on a mission to help 1M+ individuals purge trauma, heal core wounds, get clarity and manifest the life they desire truly at the core

What is the USP of your work?
I can easily connect to my clients where they live and help them heal core deep-seated wounds and trauma on molecular and cellular levels. Quantum Integration is designed to sip in deep into the microtubules in your cells. My clients don’t need to chant affirmations or stay positive to manifest their desires into existence. With quantum integration therapy, they are called to a safe space with me in the sessions to talk their heart out, process their emotions, experience nervous system re-regulation, a shift in their energetics that pushes out deep-seated traumatic core wounds, generational curses, and ancestral patterns and help them switch to core states of consciousness of holding states of being in bliss, delight & authentic expression of their existence from clarity, back to back miracles where multiple manifestations keep showing up & positive thinking are a natural byproduct of having that state. The more you purge what’s hurting, confusing, and triggering, the more space you can hold for clarity and your desired manifestations

    What are your Vision and Mission?
    My vision is to see a world where everyone is living their dream life, aligning conscious & meaningful living & their inner triggers, fear, wounds, and trauma are not holding them back in any way from living the life that truly matters to them inside and out, while they unleash their true potential and inner genius to start living the life of their dream from a state of relaxation, clarity & deep realizations through the inner retrospective pathway of deeper reflection inside & out

      My mission is to help 1M+ individuals purge trauma, heal core wounds, find clarity, and manifest their true core desires

      What are your achievements in this industry?
      I have over 5300+ success stories and testimonials and they are all over my Instagram feed and on YouTube I have literally a dedicated success stories playlist & I am so grateful for all that I’ve achieved in my life
      My greatest achievement is my relationship with Lord Jesus, Mother Mary Magdalene, Mother Gaia & Father Mother God & my gift of being a miracle worker initiated spiritually by Jesus Christ in my heart when I used to be crushed in pain from repressed wounds, I have been blessed to see miracles of God & I’m immensely grateful for it
      I won the WEAA award in 2020 for outstanding performance and contribution to my industry
      In 2021 I was on the Top 100 Quantum Healers list enlisted by Foxclues and won an award for the same
      I am a certified student of Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi
      In 2023 I won the women’s leadership awards by GlantorX for outstanding contribution in my field & society
      I have 7+ years of experience,5300+success stories, multiple awards winners, IAPCCT licensed EI practitioner coach, Happiitude certified Happiness Coach, Spiritual Coach, certified Mental Health Practitioner, Access Bars Practitioner, Limiting Beliefs Clearing Advanced Practitioner & Law of Attraction Coach certified by Joe Vitale, certified Mental Health Professional, NLP coach, Joyous Body Protocol practitioner certified by infinite Healing UK, Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi certified mastermind professional, reiki master, pranic healer & shadow work practitioner with 10000+hours work experience

      Does your work ever feel tedious to you? If so, how do you stay driven and motivated towards it?
      This is my mission and I am living my dream so no it’s never tedious to me. I am always doing the inner work. I am grateful I am getting to live my dream and help others who too have grown up in dysfunctional families, seeing parents having several extramarital affairs or being alcoholic and abusive, or those that went through trauma-bonded relationships or Stockholm syndrome. Having to go through it myself and having a lot of trauma-driven responses, I chose to go within heal and work with other coaches and therapists & that’s what helped me get into a better state inside and out to get ready to serve my dream clients collectively. I am living my dream as I get to talk about mental health, trauma healing, finding values, getting clarity, miracle work, the impact of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mother Gaia & Father-Mother God

          What are your hobbies and specific interests other than your profession?
          A part of me has always been a therapist inside and out & that happened because I grew up in a dysfunctional family and had experienced trauma bonding and Stockholm syndrome as well in a relationship that I was in. That’s why, in a lot of parts of my life as that young girl who got bullied in school, I had a lot of questions, so I began to read, research, and develop a deep interest in psychology, philosophy, emotions, energy, physics, biology and spirituality, I would say learning new things and deep inner realization fascinates me. I also love to travel within and write from my realizations & inner dimensional traveling experiences

            You have achieved so much in life. Is there any specific advice you’d like to share with our readers to help them grow?
            Rant your heart out, process your emotions, become aware of your mental health & aspects of it so you can relate, ask for help when needed, help others, be more compassionate without sacrificing your values or encroaching your boundaries and be free from taboos and triggers held back just because of a belief, thought or how you feel as a response, many people hide when they feel shame for example for the tabooed programming they carry when it comes to shame, the associated thoughts and feelings coming up to heal, it scares them and makes them hide, often stopping them from showing up for therapy or healing, more aware we are about the different aspects of humans consciousness and the various dimensions of life, we will have a unique sense of clarity. We will feel a core sense of connection between each aspect of life & that will continue to give us a sense of leverage and momentum to continue to propel forward experiencing miracles, clarity, satisfaction & connectedness in every area of our life.

              The more you allow yourself to integrate all your interests and preferences & dedicate to a life encompassing all of them, dimensions that match your core authentic desires start to unfold marveling at you in magical ways so just don’t stay positive, but process every polarity of your emotions, expressions, thoughts, awareness, interests, and sensations, it’s about integrating the very many polarities and living the
              multidimensional expression of life expressing all of who you are integrated inside & out

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