Akansha Singh | Founder & Director – Akksh International

Women Excellence Awards
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Interview by The Success Today

Could you tell us about yourself and your work?
With a decade’s experience in the food industry, let me introduce you to myself. I am Akansha Singh – Founder & Director Akksh International. After completing my postgraduate degree, I was clear about my future. I always wanted to start my career in the food industry, so I started working as a “Food Microbiologist”. I worked in various industries, including MNCs with Multiple Food Products. Because of my previous experiences, I learned a lot about food safety and quality standards. In 2022, I established my own company, and still, it’s a dream for me that I am here.
Akksh International is an exporting company from the India of Food Products and Agricultural Commodities. We are doing great business globally with our customers. Akksh International believes in quality. We always try to give our best to customers. We are currently working as sales partners with our suppliers, but we will soon develop our manufacturing unit, Touchwood, with God’s grace.

How you and your service is helping society?
When I started Akksh International, my motive was clear, we do exports, but we will also work with those manufacturers who are not that established because if I work with small companies, they will grow internationally and provide employment to many needy people. So I’m not just growing as an individual but rather helping small businesses also.

What is the USP of your work?
Our USP is the Best Quality Food Product that we are giving to our customers, Many exporters are working in industries, but why Akksh International giving them tough competition we believe in Customer Satisfaction. We always try to give our best to customers.
Always effective marketing requires you to be an amateur psychologist. You need to know what drives and motivates your customers. Go beyond the traditional customer demographics, such as age, gender, race, income, and geographic location, that most businesses collect to analyze their sales trends. Example: For our Peanut Butter Sale, it is not enough to know that 75 percent of your customers are above 18-45 age range. You need to look at their motives for Peanut Butter taste, Healthy Ingredients, Price consciousness, Marketing Strategies, and so on.

      What are your vision and Mission?
      Vision – We aim to become essential to our customers by providing differentiated products and services to help them achieve their aspirations.
      Mission – We work hard every day to make Akksh International the world’s most respected Exporter, and for that, we want our customers to support and maintain our long-term relationship.

        What are your achievements in this industry?
        We started as a fresh company, and no one knew about Akksh International. But after lots of hard work and dedication, we’re now in the global market. I achieved a global identity for my company. We are ready with some of our fresh ideas and projects that will make Akksh International a Global Star. We will launch them soon.

        Does your work ever feel tedious to you? If so, how do you stay driven and motivated towards it?
        I always love whatever I do. But I am also a human being, so I also do feel tedious. Sometimes, it feels so difficult to find good suppliers, because people want money they don’t want good relationships with their customers. Some suppliers will give you quality in starting but when you do business again they will give you a little bit of bad quality. My motive is clear, I never compromise in quality, so I am closely involved in every shipment.
        Sometimes, I don’t find genuine buyers, which is also a difficult task, but I believe in hard work and dedication. I try to attend most of the exhibitions and meetings to get genuine buyers. Your constant work and patience will make you strong in any negative situation. So always stay motivated and positive.

        What are your hobbies and specific interests other than your profession?
        I love to paint in my free time, I love writing a poem, I have recently started writing a book, and soon I will launch it. I have 80+ academic awards & Industrial in Painting, Writing, Handwriting, Content Writing, Debates, Poetry, Sports, etc. as well as international awards.
        Painting is my passion, I am a mixed media artist (Hobby Artist) and do Canvas Paintings, Watercolor Paintings, Acrylic, Abstract, etc. I have always wished to do something in painting. Hopefully, soon, I will start some projects or will attend exhibitions of paintings.

        You have achieved so much in life, any specific advice you’d like to share with our readers to grow in life.
        People always ask me “How did you start this business, and how are you doing it so well? So the answer is, Whenever you start something you do research about that because many startups are opening but why they are failing is because of their lack of knowledge, or lack of experience, Firstly start from somewhere, learn about your expertise, and then start. After starting don’t just hope it will work one day and you will become a millionaire, for that dream you have to do smart work with hard work and Your persistence will make you successful. That’s what I always say “ Don’t just dream for success, get up, start from somewhere, work hard, and make it happen.”

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