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Hotstar: India’s largest premium streaming platform.

Brand's Journey
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Hotstar is an online streaming platform that is currently making its breakthrough in the market. It aims to prove an experience like no other to its audience. They provide smart search facilities, user-friendly interface, original content and much more and all at a user-friendly price giving it a strong edge in the market.

Not many people know that Hotstar is actually owned by Star India. They officially launched Hotstar in February 2015. The first project that they streamed on the platform was the Indian premier league(IPL). Due to this, Hotstar became well known and there were around 2 million downloads within ten days. Streaming of IPL and world cup made Hotstar a big success in the entertainment industry as the numbers kept growing. They provided all different kinds of content from live sports matches to tv series, movies and even launched original content that kept its audience hooked to the app.

In 2016, Hotstar started with premium subscription plans and all the international content was included in the plan. Hotstar made a deal with HBO to feature their content uncut and it began with Season 6 of Game of thrones. They even partnered with Jio to grow in the Indian market.

Hotstar began to expand internationally in 2017, as it started operating in Canada and the US and later in the UK in 2018. Hotstar was making huge profits and was a dominant streaming service in India, The Walt Disney company seeing its potential acquired it in 2019 under its subsidiary company Novi Digital entertainment.

Today, the brand is popularly known as disney+hotstar, as it provides exclusive Disney content including marvel, Pixar and star wars movies. They launched disney+hotstar during the COVID 19 pandemic in India and it proved to be a great move. Now they have over 300 million subscribers and they hope to reach every country in the world.