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Anjali Arora – CEO & Founder | VideoShots Entertainment & Bouquet of Art Gallery ( BOA Gallery)

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Interviewed by The Success Today – A Digital Webzine

Could you tell us about yourself and your work?
If you had asked me this question four years ago, it would be easy to answer, but now I am more passionate, more professional and more interested in artistic things. Whether it’s about performing art or promoting art. I host a talk show where I share the passionate journeys of people related to art, who works for art, so yes, I, Anjali Arora, am the host, an art promoter who owns VideoShots Entertainment, a production house to promote art performers we act as a casting agency for them and we have our own gallery, with the name Bouquet of an art gallery, to work for art creators.

How you and your service is helping society?
Society never needs help, it needs elevation through people coming together and working in the right direction. In our society, somewhere, art is not appreciated as a profession, since art creators are not paid for the works they deserve. Being part of society, I work in the field of art creators, who can make wonderful works of art but don’t have the right promoters to qualify and support them, help them get their work to the right potential buyer or we can say, art lovers. , so I do this for them.

Your talk show, The Anjali Arora Talk Show, already completed 100 episodes, what do you feel about it? And what next?
Of course, I’m very proud of that, but it’s not just my success, this show is successful because of my guest from the film and TV industry and my art creators, who unfolded the pages of their passion journey on my show. And yes, the upcoming season 2 is Magical Moments with Anjali Arora, there are already 5 shows recorded with famous personalities like eminent artist Ajay Samir, Brinda Miller, founder of Kala Ghoda Festival, dean of J J-Shri school of arts. Vishwanath Sable, Owner of Anil Eye Hospital- Dr. Anagha Heroor, very soon we will be broadcasting this program.

What are your Vision and Mission?
The vision is always clear that I have to keep working for art, they (can’t disclose their name) offered me to get a place in the government to be an important part of the cultural ministry, but I thought that the responsibility I took for my artist to promote them will be affected somewhere. My mission is to be able to make the necessary changes to promote art and culture in our country. Good artists of India should get recognition not only within India but also internationally.

Does your work ever feel tedious to you? If so, how do you stay driven and motivated toward it?
I am working in a field I am passionate about, so it is never tedious. Yes but many times I am overworked so to relieve stress I read books, watch Shahrukh Khan movies and do reels. My husband Narendra Arora is always there to help me keep going. He is my motivation toward my passion.

What are the future plans?
This Year 2023 already started with an international exhibition at World Art Dubai, and this year we are going to participate in Rajendra Patil’s India Art Fairs, in May (Mumbai), November (Delhi), December (Bangalore) and next year 2024 I am planning for three big international events which we will be announcing soon.

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