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How BMW has got the name “The Ultimate Driving Machine”

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Started as an aircraft propeller manufacturer for Germany during WW1 in 1916, currently, BMW is acknowledged universally as one of the best companies in the automobile industry. BMW vehicles are recognized as status symbols in the US and elsewhere. Although today it is in the automobile industry, it still designs aircraft interiors too. Its headquarters are located in Munich which is designed like a Four-cylinder BMW engine to pay homage for Four-cylinder heritage.

The first car made by BMW was Dixi which had a power of 158HP. The kidney grille and the shape of the rear side window are the two design elements shared by almost all the BMW cars. BMW 303 was the first one to have a kidney grille.

After world war 2, BMW fell into a deep crisis. In 1952 they started to build an incredibly expensive car, the BMW 502, with a V8 engine, it was so expensive that no one could afford the car at that time. In 1955, BMW introduced a cheaper car for the poor masses, the BMW Isetta.

BMW manufactured the fastest motorcycle in the world in 1937. However, in the late 1970s, BMW Motorrad was suffering a major crisis. There were 1000s of unsold motorbikes rusting around alone in the US, according to the rumors. The motorbike production was on the edge of the shutdown. A BMW engineer suggested an idea that was considered as the last chance for BMW Motorrad to survive – a basic all-terrain motorbike, based on an outdated 800cc flat-twin engine. Despite being too basic it was a huge success and also founded a new species of the bike: The dual sports travel enduro. And 25 years later its successor R1200GS became the best selling bike over 500cc worldwide.

Some of the incredible facts about BMW are: the blue and white colors in the logo actually represents the German state of Bavaria, where the main headquarters of BMW is located and BMW owns both Mini and Rolls-Royce. The iconic BMW 3.0 (Series E9) was not made by BMW. It was built by Karmann.

In 1972, BMW made its first electric car – BMW 1972e. It used 12 batteries and could drive for up to 19 miles at a time. In the year 1998, BMW acquired Rolls-Royce by beating Volkswagen’s offer. Phantom was the first model to be released after incarnation with a wide range of 44,000 colors to choose from.

The first BMW hybrid was the 2010 BMW ActiveHybrid 7. After many years of establishing a reputation for sporting rear-wheel-drive cars, BMW introduced its first front-wheel-drive car: the 2014 BMW 2 Series Active Tourer multi-purpose vehicle (MPV).

As of 2019, BMW has revenue of €104.210 billion, a net income of €5.022 billion, and 133778 employees. With one of the most popular recognizable slogans: “ The Ultimate Driving Machine”, BMW is the 3rd most valuable automotive brand worldwide by brand value 2020.


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