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Dell is the biggest American computer manufacturer in the world that sells, repairs and supports computers and its systems. It was founded by Michael Dell when he was only 19 years old on February 1, 1984, and the company is named after him. Dell’s headquarters are located in Round Rock, Texas, the U.S. As of now, Michael Dell is the CEO of the company alongside Jeff Clarke, the vice-chairman And Karen Quintos, the COO.

Dell sells products like personal computers, Servers, Peripherals, Smartphones, Televisions, MP3 players, cameras, etc. Since 1984, Dell has become exceptionally quick in light of its one of a kind “direct-form to-arrange” deal model. The key accomplishment of dell was quick to supply chain, cost proficient; offering its assistance over the telephone or over the site.

We all know that the technology market is extremely competitive so Dell had to face some failures as well. For example, in 2006 Dell had to face some problems in the supply chain because they were using Sony battery cells in their laptops which had slowed down their supply due to which HP took advantage and excelled. Right now HP and Dell compete with each other all the time but as usual, it depends on the customer what to buy. As calculated in 2019, Dell has an estimated 157,000 employees and its revenue is 90.6 billion US dollars.

Dell is the sixth-largest company in Texas because of it’s huge revenue, according to Forbes magazine. Dell has the most customers than any other windows operated computer after Apple which is increasing its sales day by day. Dell sells more than $30 million every day on the Internet, representing 30% of its general income


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