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Dr. A.S. Mahasree Rajhan – Founder & Director | Msr People Welfare Foundation

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Interviewed by The Success Today – A Digital Webzine.

Could you tell us about yourself and your work?
I am Dr. A.S. Mahasree Rajhan, born and raised in Salem City, Tamilnadu, South India. I have done my Master’s and a doctorate in many fields and qualified as a Gold Medalist in Vastu and Numerology. I am a Civil Engineer, Yoga Consultant and Psychologist. I have an incredible ability to get access into one’s life and can transfer them into a successful human being. All these are possible with the divine and Supernatural power acquired from the Goddess and my Forefathers. Being highly qualified in the field of Engineering, Psychology, Philosophy & Religion with more than 35 years of experience and have got credit for inventing and advanced concepts in the field of Vastu and Numerology, which contributes to the growth, success, peace and stability of people living in worldwide. My tremendous experience in this field has filled up with more than 5 lakh interactions with people. I also conduct research classes and have trained more than 5000 people, both male and female, in the field of Vastu and Numerology. My experience is a fully baked “Knowledge – Cake”, which I generously offer to all the people in need who come and meet me. Innumerable people have taken a life-changing tip from my knowledge cake and benefited from my program in the name of “Goldtime’s in Peaceful Life”.

How you and your service is helping society?
I extend my services in the field of Vastu inspection, Numerology, Names for babies and companies, Logo designing, Number for your vehicles, Providing a 2D plan for buildings, Site visits, 3D Elevation for structures and more over providing Research classes for the upcoming engineers, non-engineers and the ordinary people to know more content about Panchabhutas like Vastu in which we can save the national waste like breaking and re-altering the building structures. Before entering this scenario, People must know what Peaceful life is. We can superimpose this type of classes and workshops on our premises with self-interest; particularly, people below the poverty line have been educated more because they may have a dream to build a house in their lifespan. We also provide a natural phenomenon of the Panchabhutas concept, which does not affect the construction cost. This phenomenon reduces unexpected hospital expenses and increases the more health and wealth. This is the practical experience of one who believes in the Panchabhutas phenomena, which is said to be Vastu. This concept has been explained here since, at present days, People are flying through the fast world; they are not following the ancient people’s powerful formulas under Vastu science. So, this concept has been explained to everyone to enjoy their life of Vastu science. My service can be presented as a character “A” in which the public people have been represented in the nature “B” if people who have a belief and follow the guidelines from the character “A” will have positive results in a formulated manner such as (a + b) 2 = a 2 + b2 + 2ab whereas if the person who is not interested and belief to the advice about Panchabhuta science in their life, then it may be reflected as (a-b)2 = a 2 + b2 – 2ab. This is the actual victim shown in experience around 35 years approximately. The human mind is open ground. One, who has been given the ball with sufficient air-filled, everyone can kick the ball with their leg. This is the original phenomenon and psychological effect of a human being.

What is the USP of your work?
Generally, we refer to USP as “Unique Selling Promoters or Unique Service Philosophy” for the Welfare of human beings worldwide. This statement is said because God has given us good health, wealth in the form of a good family, good thinking thoughts, and helping nature with the laminar flow. Moreover, I wish to whitewash the Awareness of the adequacy of knowledge of Panchabhutas in which I do not include the variations of the human being classes. Here, I was born as a human being in which I have gained some knowledge, and I wish to share my expertise with ordinary people in my free hours. Our Marketing Strategy is typically different in that we take every case as Research and provide formulated solutions for every problem in their life. Their final success forms a benchmark of our upcoming success in our field. This is because our Successful Clients provides reference about us to their circle. This plays a significant role in the “Strategy of good Marketing”.

What are your Vision and Mission?
The central Vision of my service is to make others’ Vision to be in a positive way because human beings have 9 holes around the body whereas, I wish to generate the 10th hole pathway from my brain to permit positive phenomena of ancient formulas to the educated, uneducated people to overcome poverty, unemployment and unpredictable crimes. Moreover, my Vision has been extended to reduce the crimes and judicial burden. Here our Mission not only focuses on Vastu and Numerology but also raises its hand for social activities in which we offer our support for education, and health expenses, for the people in need below the poverty line.

What are your achievements in this industry?
Our achievements in this industry have been calculated from the success of each one’s personal life. We have provided many new formulas to overcome the hurdles in one’s life. We have formulated many unique slokas for every problem in our life. We also offer valuable information for the development of life through our Youtube Channels: mahasreerajhan a.s / MSR vision goldtime / mavasiva / mavasiva shopping. Moreover, we have interacted with 5,00,000 & above individuals worldwide for the past 35 years. We have gone on many Research about the Birth number & Fate number related to the Names, Vehicle numbers & Company names which upliftment to one’s life, and it has been worked out successfully for many individuals.

Does your work ever feel tedious to you? If so, how do you stay driven and motivated towards it?
My service has been a passion of my life, and I haven’t felt tedious about it. Each and everyone’s life is filled up with different seasons like summer and winter. My passion is to work for ordinary people in all seasons to minimize the problems and crimes faced in different seasons. It plays a significant role in achieving my goal. Since I have encountered all types of colours of problems among human beings. We found one unique colour, which will be helpful to poor people in the form of Psychology counselling, Fortune telling, etc. By using this tool, we are getting good results on believable people because of enjoying the regular consequence success result. I spend more time on this type of grid. My goal is not to superimpose or push impulse over unbelievable people. I always wish to be the sunlight in which the people form to be a flower which requires the power of the sunlight then they will turn around the sun and use its brightness [advice] like a sunflower.

What are your hobbies and specific interests other than your profession?
It is an excellent question among the above. Mostly I believe in God, where God has given the fragrance to a plant, it may be Tender or aged. You forget the aged. For example, I am a Jasmine flower in front of God and a human being, and I must grow up, open the blossom, give some fragrance, and then surrender to the human being and God. My primary hobby is always reading good books, hearing good songs, driving a tractor in my agriculture activity, driving four-wheelers, keeping my premises clean, story writing, presenting poems, sketching drawings, doing agriculture activity, gardening and spending my years in increasing knowledge in the way of writing exams in different field of Graduation. I also extend my free hours to the people below the poverty line to solve the problems and become involved in social activities through the Trust named “MSR PEOPLE WELFARE FOUNDATION” & finally involved in Hindu pilgrim activities.

You have achieved so much in life; any specific advice you’d like to share with our readers to grow in life?
Every people is not born an Achiever. They are assumed to be an Achiever. General advice to the youngsters and the upcoming generation is after your graduation period, don’t depend on your parents for financial support. So, study well, stand up on your leg, aim to achieve something for yourself and your family, and enter your income stage. While entering the earning phase, try to preserve your income in the form of four parts – one for your savings, one for your patrons, one for your wishes and finally for your social activities. Spending some income on social activities will reduce your ancestors and your Karma. Extending your social activities will minimize your hospital expenses, court expenses, family problems and back slaps.
Moreover, before doing anything, think twice or thrice and have the knowledge regarding it with the experts. In contrast, our part may be a meter gauge or broad gauge depending upon the capacity, you can select your meter gauge or broad gauge. Every day you must calibrate and measure yourself mentally. In your dreams, it may be estimated under a Vernier caliper or screw gauge. The primary motivation to the people who is reading must have a consequent belief in themselves and work hard to achieve their goal, ignore the negative comments provided by others, and move on to the favourable way positively. Every life span is unpredictable, So live your life by doing good deeds and achievements that Value your life by upcoming generations.

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