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Dr. Pooja Jaiswal – Diabetologist & Nutritionist | NURTURE by Dr. Pooja Jaiswal

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Interviewed by The Success Today – A Digital Webzine

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Myself Dr. Pooja Jaiswal. I am an MBBS doctor with a fellowship in diabetes and family medicine. I am also a certified sports nutritionist and fitness consultant. In my 5 years of practice so far, I’ve helped transform the lives of around 500 people by reshaping their bodies and bringing positive changes in their overall health.
I advise people to eat what they can sustain and then integrate the diet into their lifestyles to feel great, have more energy, build stamina and immunity and look more beautiful. I believe in the saying – “Transform to be a fitter, stronger and healthier version of you.”

  1. What inspired you to start a career in this field?

India is a country with rich food culture. But what’s important for our well-being is to adopt the ‘right food culture’. Being a nutritionist allows me to promote the right food culture and lifestyle and enhance the well-being of the people.
There’s another reason why I chose to pursue this career. While interning in the field of diabetes, looking at the plight of patients made it occur to me that many diseases can be prevented just by altering their diet and lifestyle. That’s what truly motivated me to take nutrition and lifestyle modification as a profession.

  1. What services or products do you provide and how are they beneficial to your customers or clients?

We provide services such as Weight Management, Sports Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, Pregnancy and Lactation Nutrition, Geriatric Nutrition and Family Nutrition. We also provide customized diet plans that are realistic, scientific and sustainable.
We have structured our services to meet the general and specific needs of every client.

  1. What drives your passion and motivates you to work tirelessly?

I am passionate about health and fitness. For me, fitness and a good lifestyle are the mantras for leading a healthy and happy life.
The fact that I am able to incorporate the essence of a healthy lifestyle in people makes me believe in my work and motivates me to strive harder and put more effort into my work. It makes me believe that I am on the right track in holistically curing people.
The positive and satisfactory feedback from my clients is the utmost motivation for me to work tirelessly.

  1. What is your one piece of advice for achieving success in life?

With dedication, determination and family support, one can reach heights and achieve great success in life.


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