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Dr. Rahul Tyagi – Indian Spine and pain care centre

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Dr. Rahul Tyagi – Journey covered by The Success Today

Dr. Rahul Tyagi comes from a tiny village. In 2009, he graduated from Ghaziabad with a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy and an MPT (Neurology) from CCS University. He then completed a speciality in pain treatment at the Royal College of Anaesthesia in the UK, followed by a certification in intraarticular infiltration at Monroe Medical (UK). He has completed many certifications in pain management, including pain management, cupping kinetics, dry needling, and intraarticular infiltration, all of which are helping his patients live better lives. Prior to opening his own clinic, he worked at a variety of institutions, including Fortis, Panchsheel, Meerut Medical College & Hospital and Bakson, accumulating over 12 years of experience.

He prevented more than 10000 spine surgeries through his conservative treatment.
His words for his Juniors fellow are don’t run behind money, just treat the patients successfully.
Money will come automatically.

Pain treatment and neurorehabilitation are two of his specialities.

He believes that instead of attempting to conceal pain, every physician working in the field of pain treatment should strive to understand what causes it.

His USP is that he approaches his profession as a doctor rather than a businessperson. Some centers are attempting to increase their revenue. On the other hand, rather than entrusting his patients to his younger staff, he treats them himself.

He’s the sort of doctor who, once the treatment is through, attempts to connect with his patients’ lives and learn about their conditions.

His goal is to make India a pain-free nation. So, in order to complete this aim, he focuses more on pain management.

He has won several honors and certifications, including Just Dial’s Best Physio 2019, Adf Media’s pick for the best physio for the spine in Greater Noida in 2019, and Curofy 2020’s top contributor.

He is also awarded as the best pain management specialist by Star time media.

and the journey towards success is going on.


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