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Dr. Rajeev Prakash Mehra – Owner & Ceo | MEHAK WELLNESS CENTRE

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Interviewed by The Success Today – A Digital Webzine

  1. Could you introduce us to yourself and your business?

Myself Dr Rajeev Prakash Mehra. I am a Commerce graduate. After completing my MBA, I immersed myself in the business of exports and international trades. My business line ranged from Sri Lankan Government supplies to World Bank tenders.
One fine day, I happened to be a part of a discourse of Maa Nirmala Devi. By the end of the session, I decided to give up everything I’d built in life and move towards spiritualism.
After walking out of my house with just a few pairs of clothes, I engrossed myself in meditation. Through the course, I came across people from different countries with different therapy practices. Everything seemed to have been falling into place and I felt that I was being chosen to follow the path of spirituality. I am trained in nearly forty therapy practices and have acquired around eighty acknowledgments so far.
My first patient was a cancer victim. Surprisingly, she was able to recover well through my therapy sessions. This was after the doctors at Breach Candy Hospital, where she was undergoing treatment, had given up hope on her. The doctors referred more such patients to me and, gradually, the word spread among some of the other renowned hospitals. I started getting more references and more patients started coming to me for cancer treatment.
While working on cancer, we also researched why certain diseases like Asthma, Diabetes and Arthritis are not curable in Allopathy. And we concluded, it’s because they don’t work on grass-root level. Everything is pre-programmed and examining the chromosomes itself can show us what diseases a person is likely to suffer from in his/her lifetime. Hence, I also specialize in the correction of genetic and auto-immune diseases. And it’s been good 33 years in this field now.
I won’t call my journey difficult but it was surely a bumper ride full of ups and downs. I get up every morning as a student, eager to learn something new every day. I remind myself that I am supposed to better my practices each passing day. I consider myself to be my only competitor, wherein I compare my today’s performance with how I performed the last day.
I gave up everything in life to follow the path of spiritualism, something that I believe I was meant to follow.

  1. What is the role of your family in your achievements?

Well, I consider myself fortunate to have been blessed with such an understanding family. In my early twenties, when I had everything one could ask for, I decided to walk out of the house and restart my life. It wouldn’t have been easy if it weren’t for my family that supported me throughout and believed in my decisions.
My family is proud of me for the work I do and their support reflects in my work.

  1. What is your ultimate aim as a doctor? How can you create a new path in your profession?

There is a saying in the Medical profession- Don’t cure a patient but keep him alive. After all, that’s how pharmaceutical companies make money. Also, there is simply no treatment for certain diseases in Allopathy or superficial treatments are offered for some. As for the diseases which do have a cure, they still cannot be completely eradicated from the body. They keep on reoccurring. This is where my services prove useful.
I aim to promote alternative treatment methods for various diseases that don’t yet have a permanent and effective cure in Allopathy. We’ve been inviting professionals of different therapies from abroad and hosting classes for Indian students to make them aware of the different paths of Medicine.
My aim is to put forward the view that until the changes are made at the genetic level or the auto-immune level, no disease can be effectively cured. Everything is imprinted on the chromosomes and it’s just about reading the patterns. Understanding which chromosome carries the imprint for which disease is the solution to most diseases. A disease will not leave the body until there is still an imprint for it on the chromosomes. We rectify any defaults in the auto-immune system and help detoxify the body. We also provide the required supplements for the body to function optimally.
Modern Science, however, functions far away from this viewpoint.

  1. What was the one thing that had first persuaded you to enter into this industry?

I had met with an accident when I was only 12. The doctors claimed that the chances of my survival were very low, but thankfully I survived. There were several incidents that followed that put my life at risk. I would say I was accident-prone as a child.
I was also diagnosed with Gangrene. I realized then that Allopathy did not provide the cure to every disease and started doing my research on Homeopathy, to save my leg. I was able to recover from the fatal disease within a month of beginning my therapy. This incident gave me the courage to dig into something that goes beyond Modern Science.
I am, in fact, thankful to God for all those shortcomings for I was able to find the solutions to many diseases, after having suffered from many of them myself. I saw it as an opportunity to find a way out of my misery and formulate methods to help others as well. And today I can firmly say that there is a cure to every disease and one need not see surgery as their only life-saving option.
Thus, working on myself and saving my own life made me realize that if I can do this for myself, why not extend the service to others.

  1. With such cut-throat competition in this industry, what is it that makes the services you offer exceptional?

Victims of cancer often see Chemotherapy as the only way out but many fail to realize that it can lead to multiple organ failures. A study reveals that 8 out of 10 people do not survive the aftermath of Chemo beyond 3 years. And let’s not mention the bomb of money that goes into the treatment. Cancer is a genetic disease. It holds the tendency to reoccur in the time frame of 6 months after one has undergone the treatment of Chemotherapy.
People need to understand that rather than working on a superficial level and damaging the vital organs of the body, they should work on the grassroots level and get the programming correct so that Cancer does not reoccur. Even the educated population is not aware of the alternatives to Chemotherapy.
The field of Oncology, indeed, witnesses a cut-throat competition. However, there is no question about competition in the field of service that I offer. We work on the auto-immune system and provide ultimate results in the treatment of cancer. In this way, I think I am the only one in the country to offer such therapy, also for which I have been awarded the Best Cancer Specialist in Asia award last year. The degree of results that we bring about reflects my 33 years of research in the subject. And not just Cancer, we can set people free of several other fatal diseases just by working on the chromosome level. The awareness about the same needs to be raised.

  1. Your achievements in this industry are more than impressive. Would you like to highlight some of them?

Right from the beginning of my journey in 1988, I have been honored with several medals and awards for my contributions in the field of Cancer. To date, I have received more than 80 acknowledgments. I was awarded as the Best Cancer Specialist in Mumbai, Best Cancer Specialist in Maharashtra and Best Cancer Specialist in India. Last year, I had the honor to receive the Best cancer Specialist in Asia award.
I’ve had articles about me and my picture as the cover page in several magazines. Last year, in May, we were selected as the Best Diagnostics Centre in Mumbai by Silicon India.
All these acknowledgments encourage us to strive even harder and put more effort into our services and the research that goes into them and, thus, bring better results each passing day.

  1. Does your work ever feel unexciting to you? If so, how do you stay driven and motivated towards it?

I need no motivation to stay driven for what I do is my passion. Had I been working just for the sake of money, I wouldn’t have left behind the lavish life that I lived in my early twenties.
To excel in my work each passing day is what gives me the motivation to keep going. Every morning I remind myself that I am a student and I need to learn and perform better than I did yesterday. The most encouraging motivation comes to me from my patients. The happiness of being able to bring a significant change in their lives pushes me towards bettering myself at my work.

  1. You have achieved so much in life. Is there any specific advice you’d like to share with the newbies in this industry?

For achieving success in the Health and Wellness sector, one needs to start from the grassroots level that is – accessing and balancing on the Genetic and Auto-Immune systems. Check the programming and functioning of the Chromosomes and Telomeres. Following this approach, every disease can be cured effectively and permanently.
Further, I’d say stick to what you’re good at. Don’t get carried away with what people have to say. There’s always someone to criticize and misguide you. Trust yourself through the process of acquiring your goals. Only if you are truthful to yourself and your profession, are you sure to achieve success.
When you follow your passion, money flows in. But when you follow the money, neglecting your passion, that’s where you are signing in for unhappiness. Look for job satisfaction and not merely the sum of money that the work has to offer.
No hard work seems big when you work towards what you love. At times when I felt tired, I found myself working even harder and that made me feel better because I loved what I did.
Nothing in life comes easy. Don’t let yourself down, don’t let down the people who love you, who put their faith in you. Keep striving and success will be yours.


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