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Kriti Nanda – Owner | Renée Artisan Chocolates

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Interviewed by The Success Today – A Digital Webzine

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your business.

I have been immensely crazy for chocolates since childhood. One could always find hidden chocolate wraps under my mattress. As I grew older, the craze only heightened. A few years back, luckily, I got the opportunity to learn chocolate making. I learnt how to handle and mould chocolate. Rest, it was all through youtube, the internet and books on chocolates that I started experimenting with chocolate making.
I shared my handmade chocolates with friends and family. It was in January 2013 when I got my first order for birthday chocolates. After that, the number of orders went up by word of mouth and that’s how 2nd Helping was born. I couldn’t register my business with this name as it was already taken by another brand. So I changed the name to Renée Artisan Chocolates. Renée means re-born.
I completed a professional course on chocolate making and re-started with the new name. Rather, I was re-born with Renée.

  1. What inspired you to start a career in this field?

When I first learnt chocolate making, I had no intentions of turning it into a profession. But I guess the universe had other plans. I started small with just a few orders and gradually grew to where I am today. I had hardly done any marketing or advertising for my business but words spread as I have a few loyal customers. Appreciation from my customers keep barging in and that’s what has kept me going all these years.

  1. What services or products do you offer and how are they beneficial to your customers?

I make handmade chocolates, compound chocolates and couverture with customized flavours as per the client’s preference. Further, I am planning to add stuff like bars, customized cakes and cookies to the list of baked goods and desserts. I am also currently experimenting with vegan and gluten-free chocolates.

  1. What have you achieved in this industry so far?

Well, loyal and happy customers account for my biggest achievement. So far, I’ve received much love for what I do. My clients love what I offer and that gives me the scope to experiment with my work.

  1. What drives your passion and motivates you to work tirelessly?

The satisfaction of customers is my biggest motivation. Their positive and satisfactory feedback keeps me going and pushes me to put more effort into my work. I strive to offer the best to my clients. Be it timely delivery or great taste and quality, I try to bring the best in my services. Appreciation for my work inspires and motivates me.

  1. What is your one piece of advice for achieving success in life?

In this particular industry, maintaining taste and quality is the utmost requirement for achieving success. I have to be very careful with the quality of my products for that’s what people look for. People come back for the same taste.
I am still learning, experimenting and growing. It’s an ongoing process. I believe, one can reach heights with hard work and that’s what I live by.
Rest is all God’s grace. Om Sai Ram


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