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Interviewed by The Success Today – A Digital Webzine.

1. Could you tell us about yourself and your work?
Hi, I am Kuldeep Singh, the Managing Director of Salasar Grani Marmo. I completed my graduation from Nottingham Trent University in the field of Interior Architecture & Designing. I have worked on several architectural projects, which have contributed to my understanding of our business from the users’ perspective. This cultivated my perceptions of “marbles” into “marbles in space”.

How you and your service is helping society?
As an organization, our prime directive is the upliftment of each team member in the Salasar Grani Marmo. We abide by the long-established tenets of “Sarvodaya”. Moreover, I believe that individual growth is synonymous with collective growth in any firm as integrated as ours. Balance, teamwork, and common sense might not sound unique, but that’s what it is. I do not get mesmerized by glittery terminologies. Being the Managing Director of the Salasar Grani Marmo, my job is to simplify, not complicate. I eliminate the aggravative elements and keep an open mind for new and valuable ideas. By doing so, we see significant improvements.

What is the USP of your work?
Maintaining a legacy of more than 25 years, we at Salasar Grani Marmo take pride in being one of the most trustworthy and quality-driven brands of granite and marble in India. Our high-quality and high-end products are available at very affordable prices. They are stronger and come with a long-lasting shine. Salasar Grani Marmo is a one-stop shop for all surfaces, having quarries in most corners of India.

What are your vision and mission?
Salasar Grani Marmo’s mission is to best serve the construction industry by supplying the highest quality marbles and stones. Besides being a customer-centric company, Salasar Grani Marmo wants to expand our services by exporting more marbles from all our quarries across India. Our mission is to grow unlimitedly as one of the best suppliers and manufacturers of marbles in India.
Our vision is to grow and let our customers flourish. We at Salasar Grani Marmo have visualized achieving our objectives. There is a lot of manual intervention in the marble industry, which leads to low-quality products. We aim to build a 100% robotic unit for marble processing that will lead to an improved quality of marble. Less human intervention equals better quality product development. This will also help in the eradication of cavities and cracks, as marble is very fragile. With strong philanthropic values and a vision, we at Salasar Grani Marmo constantly look forward to the newest trends in the industry. Our team monitors the market trends and demands to fulfill the need for the required varieties of marbles and stones.

What are your achievements in this industry?
Salasar Grani Marmo has come a long way since 1995, and our goals are high in quality, quantity, and finishing, which isn’t achieved by many other companies. We have been supplying marble and granite all over India while breaking many major records in terms of service and quality. We at Salasar Grani Marmo have made great efforts to identify the major problems in the marble industry and have taken efficient steps to try to resolve most of them. We met our customer’s needs by identifying the root cause of those issues and providing relevant solutions. Salasar Grani Marmo even generated more revenue during the coronavirus outbreak and lockdown. Our list of achievements would be incomplete without the honorary mention of working at government sites. We have built up a strong network and good relations with reputed government officials all across India. Salasar Grani Marmo is also one of the first in the marble industry to introduce a variety of unique marble and stone textures.

Does your work ever feel tedious to you? If so, how do you stay driven and motivated towards it?
I do find my work monotonous at times. Salasar Grani Marmo tends to stay motivated throughout. As much as we dread the tension and anxiety of juggling so many unexpected projects, shifts of focus, or activities, it is always better than feeling like we’ve entered a rut from which there seems no way to get out.
There is new competition every day in this field of work. Salasar Grani Marmo and I have come up with optimum solutions that help us overcome this tedious work environment. The first solution is to work even harder. It’s not always easy, and you won’t be able to do this every day, but you can always find ways to improve productivity and get things done. The second solution we came up with has a different approach to the matter. Taking breaks and doing something fun and engaging makes us happy. A lot of people say that music helps them concentrate better and get rid of tension. Listening to music decreases stress levels and puts one in a great mood, allowing you to fight monotony at work! Our team at Salasar Grani Marmo also comes up with fun activities for the workers for better team building and to break off that boring, monotonous work cycle. I truly believe that when leaders like me create a fun workplace environment, there is a significant increase in the level of team member trust, creativity, communication, and productivity. While it’s tough to avoid monotony at work, one can always choose to fight it through a combination of working hard and having fun.

What are your hobbies and specific interests other than your profession?
In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. Due to my enduring passion for shoes, I am also fond of collecting limited-edition sneakers. Photography is an art form and it helps capture the beauty of the moment in all its best. I have always had a thing for photography. Reading books is also a necessity as it helps me sharpen my knowledge and intellect. It also broadens my sympathies and provides a welcome relief from a monotonous routine. The creative side of me yearns for the breakthrough, and it shows in the form of poetry. I love writing poetry; this is my means of self-expression. I live deep within my head and, once my creativity peaks, I write many varied words and sentences. As a person who values communication and understanding, I have been blessed with these 2 tools to create good poetry. I also enjoy keeping up to date with current affairs, both national and international events.

You have achieved so much in life. Any specific advice you’d like to share with our readers to help them grow in life?
Sometimes along the journey, you have to change your perspective to turn a challenging situation into a better one. When you are having a bad day or week, imagine instead that it is a good day or week. Give yourself the opportunity and the time to think about your situation using only positive language and see how much your day or week changes. Doing this for an extended period could change your entire life. I would also like to tell people some points that helped me:
Be committed,
Learn from the journey,
Think positively,
Change your perspective,
Be honest with yourself,
Remove all distractions,
Count on yourself,
Keep planning, and
Avoid getting burned out.


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