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Praditya Agarwal – Founder & CEO | Page3Artist Institute | Modeling, Acting & Photography

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Interviewed by The Success Today – A Digital Webzine.

Could you tell us about yourself and your work?

My name is Praditya Agarwal, founder, and CEO of Page3Artist. I completed my B.E. in computer science from SDM college Dharwad, Karnataka. Also, I got my early education in Dharwad. My hometown is “Rajganj”; a beautiful place in West Bengal near Siliguri. I started my career as a network engineer, and I have worked in various MNC companies like Micro land, E4E, and Seaton & the last company I worked for was Akamai.

I had a high-paying job in IT, but after years into the job, I felt the need for change & wanted to follow my passion. I had a keen interest in modeling, acting, photography, and arts. And then, I decided to quit my job and start Page3Artist in 2014!

Today, Page 3 Artist is among the leading Modeling institutes and Casting agencies in India. We have tied up with 100-plus National and International brands! Also, we have cast thousands of new faces in TV, Films, Print Media, Ramp, Digital Ads, etc. Our Institute offers full-time and crash courses in Modeling, acting & photography.

How did you start the company & what challenges did you face?
I started Page3Artist as I felt the need to promote new talents and give them an authentic platform. The initial years were quite a struggle, and it took 2-3 years before we started doing any business. We began as an online job platform connecting artists and clients, which did well. We managed to build an enormous database of artists and clients throughout India. Also, many artists started getting assignments through our portal. But then, safety concerns were there, and we were unable to generate any revenue in the initial years as the connection was direct between artists and clients.

At a point, the business was going nowhere, and my savings completely got exhausted! I had only two options either have to wait for revenue or start back with the job. I didn’t quit, because I wanted to continue based on the hope and trust I had in myself.

Recognizing, that we already had a good database, I decided to convert the online business into an Agency. Agency works by charging commissions for booking artists. And that is how the venture kickstarted! Page3Artist became a Modeling Agency. We then ventured into Photography Studio, followed by a Modeling & Photography Institute. We are also into Kids’ Modeling, Fashion Shows, Ecommerce Photography, and AD Productions

What are your hobbies and specific interests other than your profession?

I love reading a lot, and I am more into the philosophical and spiritual study. In fact, at every point of my life, it’s the books that helped me uplift myself! I am also into meditation and photography and love to travel, explore new places, and watch movies.

What is the USP of your work?

Our training programs focus a lot on self-transformation, self-motivation, and empowerment! I believe every individual has unlimited potential. The key is to explore your hidden talent, nurture it & bring it to the marketplace! We create role models.

What are your expansion plans?

We plan on launching International pageants, building a franchisee of studio business, launching our institutes in different cities (as many of our artists are coming from different parts of India), and most importantly continuously working to generate more jobs in fashion and entertainment space.

Does your work ever feel tedious to you? If so, how do you stay driven and motivated toward it?

Yes, I do feel tedious at times. But, I am grateful to be in the position to generate jobs for new talents, and seeing their success and transformation is what keeps me driven! Also, the responsibility of managing my team and retaining talent keeps me going.

You have achieved so much in life any specific advice you’d like to share with our readers to grow in life?

Most important tips

● Follow your passion.
● Take calculated risk but not blind risk.
● To be successful, education plays a big part.
● Meeting the right people at the right time and recognizing the opportunity is the key to success.
● Reading, exercise and meditation are a must for your personal growth.
● Enjoy your life, and live the present moment to the fullest.
● Work hard, and let success make the noise
● Remember, you live once, make it worth it!

Finally, I am grateful to my parents, family members, my friends for all their support, and to my wife & business partner Sashi Bansal, who has also been the backbone of the company from the start. Also, nothing is possible without teamwork! So, I would like to thank my team for their constant hard work and support in making Page3Artist a successful brand.

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