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Puja Datta – Tarot Card Reader | Astrologer | Numerologist

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Interviewed by The Success Today – A Digital Webzine

Tell us about yourself. What do you do for a living? What are your hobbies and interests, hidden talents?
I’m Puja Datta from Hyderabad. I completed my B.com.When I was doing my Masters in Fashion
Technology, that was the time I found my passion for a tarot reading. I have been spiritually helping people with my
tarot reading for the past eight years. It has been an adventurous journey with so many amazing souls Crossing
paths with me.

You are a professional tarot card reader. What sort of services do you provide to clients?
With my tarot card reading, I help people spiritually grow and find a path that will be best for them, overcoming their obstacles and mental blockages. I try to guide my clients toward the right path that will help them find the best way to tackle the adversity at hand with my additional knowledge of numerology, astrology, and life coaching. I’m able to help them spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

What was your career before you became a tarot reader? What made you decide to become a professional tarot reader?
I was studying fashion technology when I discovered tarot reading. I was studying both of them simultaneously. When the time came to decide, I chose tarot reading after working in the fashion industry for two years. It has been a difficult decision for me, as being a fashion designer has been my lifelong dream. I quickly found my niche and started working. With people who genuinely needed me to spiritually uplift them into their best version possible. It was emotional and spiritual gratification that made me understand that I was on the right path by becoming a professional tarot reader and life coach.

How did you learn to read tarot cards? How and when did you discover you had this particular ability?
I have been interested in astrology and tarot card reading since a very young age. I was intrigued by the cards for at least 15 years before I started reading tarot. It was a happy accident when I came across a kind and generous woman. Who later became my tarot guru. She has been a great source of inspiration. For me, to be a person who is always humble and direct in her approach, I started reading Tarot in 2015.

How do tarot cards work exactly? How do they give a person guidance and advice?
Tarot reading is a spiritual tool that helps you connect to your inner self. It helps you make the right decisions in life so that you can have the best life possible. Tarot cards are read with the help of the person’s (client) spiritual energy and personal guardian angels, who tell them about their lives with utmost love and compassion. Tarot reading is the best way to connect with your divine guardians. As a tarot reader, I’m only the messenger who conveys the messages that the divine being of the particular person wants to convey to them.

What has been your biggest challenge with regard to your abilities? How have you overcome this challenge?
As a third-generation spiritual healer, tarot reading and other modalities came naturally to me. So as such, there
was no adversity that I had to face. Yet it took me a long time to understand that this is my life purpose and that I
can serve people better by being a tarot reader and life coach.

Do you consider your ability a gift? How do you help people with this gift?
Yes, I do consider my abilities a gift, as they have helped multiple people reach their life goals and purposes. I have
seen people come out of depression and anxiety. With my help, I have also seen them prosper in life and trust
themselves again. For me, this is the highest achievement I can have. I feel truly blessed and gifted to have connected
with over 3 million people in just eight years.

What advice would you give folks who are interested in the tarot, but are hesitant/afraid to try it?
With tarot reading, you can actually know yourself better. You can know what triggers you and what your strengths
are. You can understand how to grow in life and become the best version of yourself. Tarot reading is less about the
future and more about you and how you can cultivate the future you desire. There is a lot of insight that you can gain
for yourself from just a single tarot reading. Tarot reading is not about trying; it is about trusting yourself.

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