Rachana Kar Dance Director | Teacher at Nrityarchana Academy “ Dance with the perfect blend of Spirituality, Your true worth is determined by what you carry in your soul and heart “

Rachana Kar – Dance Director | Teacher at Nrityarchana Academy

Business Journey
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Interviewed by The Success Today – A Digital Webzine.

Could you introduce us to yourself and your business?
I am Rachana Kar, aka The Gaudiya Traveller. I am a dancer and performer who has mastered the cultural dance form of Bengal, Gaudiya Nritya (Dance of the Gods). I have learned from my mentor, Smt. Mahua Mukherjee, who is known for her dancing skills, and, following her, I started traveling and performing my dance form in different countries since my childhood.
My dance academy, named Nrityarchana Academy, has been running for 3 years now. I have been teaching students from India as well as overseas.
I am a member of UNESCO’s Council of Dance (CID) and have performed in Germany, Austria, Tokyo, Greece, Venice, Moscow, Dubai, Thailand, and my home country of India. My motive is to make dance a unitary form of art worldwide and connect with artists from various countries to spread the art of dance culture worldwide.

What is the role of your family in your achievements?
Every artist’s family has been a strong backbone in their career and life. same as with mine. My family, specifically my mother (Ratna Ghosh Roy Kar, who is a medical warrior), my father (Pradip Kar, a medical warrior) and my elder brother Pratik Kar, has been my only support system on this journey.

What was the one thing that first persuaded you to enter into this field of industry?
Dance has been running through my mind since childhood. Nonetheless, my grandfather was a practitioner of drama at an earlier age. My mother took the first courage towards the beginning of my career as a dancer, That was the most daring of all the leaps.

With such cut-throat competition in this industry, what is it that makes the services you offer exceptional?
Our school provides personalized teaching in Gaudiya Nritya (the classical dance of Bengal), starting from beginners to advanced, certified directly by CID UNESCO, Paris, which stands out from the industry.

Your achievements in this industry are more than impressive. Would you like to share them with us today?
Achievements started the year when I was received with a Senior National Scholarship from the Ministry of Culture, a Gold medal from the NABC (North American Bengali Conference), a Gold medal from Dubai, UAE, a Gold medal from Bangkok, Thailand for a specialized topic research project on Gaudiya Nritya, an India Icon Award winner from Blinkdwink for Excellence in Dance from Dia Mirza, an Asia Pacific Award winner for the best performing artist in dance from Amisha Patel, and so on…

Does your work ever feel unexciting to you? If so, how do you stay driven and motivated towards it?
It has never been like that. I am a very energetic and talented professional due to which I carry a smile and positivity with me every time. Every day is a new day and a new beginning to something positive.

You have achieved so much in life. Is there any specific advice you’d like to share with the new people entering this industry?
I believe the only way to succeed is through patience, practice, and perseverance. Only then can one achieve anything in life. Individuals should be ambitious and continue to accept the new while honouring and carrying forward their rich cultural heritage.

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