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Sanjeev Ojha & Swapnil Deshmukh – Founder & CEO | Vihasta Hospitality

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Interviewed by The Success Today – A Digital Webzine.

As a child, were you certain that when you grow, you will become an Entrepreneur? If yes, then what was the reason?

  • No, As a child I never planned to be an entrepreneur, hailing from a poor background it was always a question of how will I be able to even complete my high school when you are bound to the limits of expenditures it’s very challenging to even fulfill the daily needs. I had not even heard the name “Entrepreneur”

When did you actually think of pursuing your career as an Entrepreneur?

  • It was in 2016 the first time when I thought of becoming Entrepreneur, that’s the time when I was working with Airbnb in Business development and I was put up in Goa. I met Mr. Brian the founder of Airbnb and he was the one through whom I got the motivation and influenced and that’s when I thought I m made to be an entrepreneur

Guide us about your journey after you became an entrepreneur.

  • When I started, there were many challenges that I had to face as this was new for me but with the experience with Airbnb and my job at Taj gave me a lot of boost and confidence, I always connected the people who were established entrepreneurs, and started learning new things, understanding new strategies and implemented in my business. Slowly I was there, I built up my team and I was there with new concepts and business, I would lift my head high as an entrepreneur, 5 years back when I look at the salary I would take home, 100 times that salary I paying my teammates today. This brings the charm to my face now.

What was the biggest challenge you faced in your life and how did you overcome it?

  • Every entrepreneur goes through a lot to become a successful one, yes I also had my struggles. when you start the journey of entrepreneurship and the biggest task is to make family and society believe in you and your capability luckily my friends who are like my brother Swapnil always supported and stood by me, he always made sure that I never loose my confidence and belief system.
  • The second task was finance because until you don’t have the funding for your startup, your idea is just a peace of paper. But I was really thankful to my previous company and some of my ex-colleagues who helped me entangled out of this situation.
  • Also making a client base for your startup and making them believe in your product was one of the toughest tasks.
  • My educational background and my industry experience helped me a lot to make my product acceptable to users
  • Building a great team who can become your supporting hands in growing your startup was also challenging

List down the number of achievements.

  • 6 hotels in 5 different locations
  • 25000+ guests hosted
  • Year 7B revenue
  • 1200+ corporate tie-ups
  • Best emerging hospitality company of the year 2022 by Innovators award.

Tell us about your business.

  • VIHASTA is a membership program that offers Dinning and Accommodations privileges to individuals at participating Hotels In Planning a cost-effective holiday for the entire family with ease

Tell us about the benefits of your services/products

  • Easy travel planning
  • cost-effective travel
  • world-class hospitality experience
  • personalize services
  • Discount privileges on different brands
  • User-friendly membership
  • Experience different leisure destinations covering sea, sand, mountains and wildlife

How can people connect with your business?

  • Website
  • Android and IOS applications
  • 24/7 customer service
  • All social media platforms

Please give us one message that you’d like to give to everyone.

Stop thinking and start implementing because easy things are not valuable.

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