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Srinivas Rao Potluri | Chairman & Managing Director – Rhodium Group of Companies

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Srinivasa Rao Potluri means success!

When the opportunities are rare, few get disheartened, and few keep waiting. Only a handful can create
opportunities and turn the tide to their side and grow by overcoming every hurdle possible. Srinivasa Rao
Potluri is such a rare person.

Srinivasa Rao Potluri popularly known as SRP is a great industrialist, social worker, and educationist. A
commoner who started life from rags, has established a huge empire. Born on January 5, 1976, in
Warangal, the erstwhile capital of Kakatiya Empire, and grew up in Vijayawada, the business capital of
Andhra Pradesh. His father Potluri Deepak Kumar was a contractor. Mother Kanaka Durga was a
homemaker. Since childhood his vision was high, he worked hard and passionately towards fulfilling his
dreams. Unlike many others, he did not confine himself to one field. He has made his mark in various
fields and is an inspiration.

Srinivasa Rao is working as the Chairman and Managing Director of the famous business organization
Rhodium Group of Companies. With a history of more than two decades, the company spans across the
states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. It is known as one of the top companies in Telugu states in the
field of construction. He entered the business at an early age, has made an enduring signature of his own
in a noticeably brief period. With his immense experience of over 25 years in the business sector, he has
established two companies namely Rhodium Properties Pvt. Ltd. and Rhodium Infra Pvt. Ltd. There are
many other things he has established and achieved in his two-decade journey.

He is the founder of The Kakatiya Dynasty-An Indo Global Foundation and serves as its President.
Scholarships for students, employment opportunities for the unemployed, free medical camps, blood
donation and organ donation camps, helping orphans and elderly people are being done through this

He is taking step towards momentous changes in the field of education. He is working as the Vice President
of The Creek Planet School and is doing his best to provide quality education.

He established a cricket club named The Sodium Atomic 11 and which is an inspiration to the players.
They are making the youth more passionate about sports.

He also showed his passion towards Film industry by producing a youth-filled Telugu film called Chalte-
. As we know that YouTube rules this social media era, he started a YouTube channel (SRP Live) and
is doing well there too. His channel is more focused on social awareness than being commercial.

Srinivasa Rao, the famous industrialist who grew in leaps and bounds, is not only passionate about himself

growing but is passionate about people near him to grow as well. His family is proud to see him achieve
such heights.

Recognizing his achievements, quality of service and awareness towards the society, the national level
political parties are inviting him to the public arena.

As famous Quote goes: “Rome is not built in a day.” There are years of arduous work and perseverance
behind it. He values dignity of labor, Hard-work, Time, and People. He worked hard and turned the times
in his favor and succeeded in multiple fields. Helping fellow human beings and becoming an inspiration to


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