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Interviewed by The Success Today – A Digital Webzine.

Could you tell us more about yourself and your work?
My name is Sushmita Thadhani, and I am practicing as a nutritionist. I got into this profession because I was dealing with my weight issues. Being an oversized kid, I was constantly bullied in school and college. People expected me to be light, which I was not. To reach my goal, I gave all the top-notch nutritionists a shot, but their diets never fit my lifestyle, so I gave up on them. After going through this never-ending roller coaster ride, I finally decided to become a nutritionist myself. Which helped me lose weight and helped people around me achieve the same. I work as a freelance nutritionist. I help people lose fat or gain muscle by giving them diet plans that cater to their lifestyle. I also help people reverse their medical conditions, such as flipping PCOS, controlling diabetes, thyroid issues, and other medical issues by recommending a healthy diet and correcting their lifestyle. I give them mouth-watering recipes like veggie Frankie, whole wheat noodles, and whole wheat pasta that tickle their taste buds. These recipes motivate my clients to stick to their plans. I also give them the freedom to call or text me if they are stuck somewhere during their journey because I want my clients to be taken care of, so I make sure they never feel alone.

How are you and your service helping society?
I am helping society by educating and motivating people to become healthy and fit, overcoming and correcting diseases, boosting their immune systems, and reducing their chances of falling ill.

What is the USP of your work?
The USP of my work is the customization and the motivation I give my clients through constant support, thereby enabling them to achieve their lifestyle goals.

What are your vision and mission?
My mission is to make society disease-free and educate people with complete knowledge about health and nutrition. There are a lot of myths about nourishment because of the self-proclaimed Google nutritionists. For example, you are only supposed to consume whey if you work out. Protein shakes are for fulfilling your protein requirements. It is not necessary to have them during workouts but can be consumed at any time. Well, this is one of the several myths that people believe in. Therefore, it takes time and patience to overcome all these myths. My mission is to help everybody lead a healthy lifestyle. Including even children and animals since I’m going to pursue a course in pediatric and animal nutrition as well.

What are your achievements in this industry?
I believe the most prominent achievement is when my clients manage to attain their health goals. It makes me happy when I see them happy. The smile they have on their faces is my most significant achievement. I remember a client telling me a few years back that Sushmita, you have reversed my PCOS because of which I have been able to conceive. I don’t know how to say “thank you”. This compliment overwhelmed me and brought tears to my eyes. I have helped people with PCOS, diabetes, thyroid, blood cancer, and many other metabolic disorders! And whenever they get reversed, and my clients see good results, it just brings a smile to my face and defines my achievements.

Does your work feel tedious to you? If so, how do you stay motivated towards it?
Well, I think sometimes it just gets tedious. I mean, I have realized that irrespective of loving what you do, it sometimes takes a toll on your mental health. I motivate myself by taking a break! Yes, you heard that right. Every day, without fail, I take a break by going out in the evenings to catch up with my close friends. As a result, I’m pumped to go back to work the next day. Also, I have promised myself a trip every 6 months. Besides this, no matter how tedious it gets sometimes, I can’t give up because, as I’ve mentioned earlier, I love seeing my clients’ happy faces, which keeps me motivated and on my toes. I also pamper myself by going to the salon or going for a sports massage once every two weeks, which rejuvenates me too.

What are your hobbies and specific interests other than your profession?
I love dancing, music, styling myself, travelling, exploring new places, trekking, partying and a lot more activities. I am a very versatile person. I love doing everything. If not a nutritionist, I would be a dancer or a stylist for sure! I’m also very good at advising by thinking practically, so I’m sure I would make a good therapist as well. Also, in college, I was the captain of the basketball and throw-ball teams. I was also top in fashion shows and dancing, so I’m sure I would make a good sportsperson and model as well. I give my all in everything I do, so I end up becoming naturally good at everything I try.

You have achieved so much in life. Any specific advice you’d like to share with our readers to grow in life?
Firstly, I have a lot to achieve yet. This isn’t over. I have big goals for my future. I would advise people to believe in themselves! Yes, a lot of dreams die because of poor self-belief. So the first advice I would give people is to believe in themselves. The second piece of advice would be to be focused, consistent, and patient. This generation has taught us everything but patience. It honestly takes a lot of time to be successful, so you need to give it some time. Don’t give up because of minor failures. Failure is the stepping stone to success, and consistency is everything! You can achieve everything in life, even climbing Mount Everest, by being consistent. Honestly, your journey isn’t going to be a bed full of roses; it’s going to be full of thorns and needles. You have to rise above it all and just keep moving on, gathering your courage and becoming stronger with each obstacle. The third piece of advice would be to be courageous and not worry about “stable income”. Just because people want a stable income from their jobs doesn’t mean they refrain from starting their venture because they don’t dare to leave. With time, you will thank yourself for quitting that job you didn’t even like. If you believe in your service or product, you can become successful and start making 10 times more than what you would make at that job. So take a leap of faith, quit your boring job, and become a fearless entrepreneur.

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