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Interviewed by The Success Today – A Digital Webzine.

1) Could you tell us about yourself and your work?
I used to be a girl who always wanted to make her career in the field of fashion since she was a teenager. Unfortunately, being a girl from a small city named Jorhat in Assam, India, I had to abandon the idea as in my hometown, scopes related to this field used to be very small. My parents didn’t support my idea as they didn’t take my words very seriously. They just wanted me to complete my Master’s and get a job. During my university days, while pursuing an MCA in the year 2010, Instagram was new and I simply came across the social media platform. Seeing my friends, I decided to create a personal Instagram account. I didn’t think much, I just created the account. My Instagram profile used to be a normal one where I rarely used to upload my pictures. I mostly used to click pictures of nature and share them on my Instagram. Time passed, and then suddenly I came across the Instagram profiles of a few fashion and lifestyle content creators. I loved and admired their content a lot, and even now I admire them. I followed them and after going through their content, a constant feeling started developing within me: If only I could start creating content on fashion like them, but unfortunately, being quite shy by nature, I failed to gather the guts for it. A few years went by and I completed my education and started working as a computer teacher in an institute in my hometown, but my desire to create content on fashion never left me and finally, in January 2018, I gathered the required courage and decided to work on my desire. Since my childhood, I had the talent of mixing and matching pieces from my wardrobe to create outfits. I decided to use this talent and started working on my fashion content. Accordingly, I created a business Instagram account and named it “fashionistaspeaks.”

2) How you and your service is helping society?
I am a digital creator who primarily creates content on fashion and lifestyle, though I do occasionally travel. I always try my level best to contribute something to society. When I started as a digital creator, my content was primarily based on fashion. Personally, being a small-town girl, I decided to share outfit ideas that can be carried by each girl/lady without any hesitation in a comfortable way, whether she stays in some metro city or a suburban area of a small town or an unclassified city. I used to share outfits that made me feel comfortable carrying them. I always believe in sharing outfit ideas that can be both fashionable and comfortable at the same time. And I am glad that many girls appreciated the ideas I shared. In terms of lifestyle content, I enjoy introducing my followers to new brands and products that can benefit them based on their needs. For travel content, which is very rare, I mostly share places where one can spend a vacation with both family and friends.

3) What is the USP of your work?
I just want whatever content I share should help my followers with some kind of benefit. I always mention everything in detail when it comes to the captions so that one can learn in detail regarding what I am sharing, whether outfit ideas or product reviews. Even when I share a product video, I believe in explaining everything in detail within the video, which can help one learn better about it. I think explaining elaborately when it comes to content helps one better understand the content.

4) What are your vision and mission?
My mission is to keep working on my fashion and lifestyle content so that I can help my followers with new ideas that they can go through and adopt if they think they should. On the other hand, my vision is to establish myself in the field of content creation so that I can work with more amazing brands and organizations in the future.

5) What are your achievements in this industry?
I have been working in the field of content creation for the last four years, since 2018. I’m glad that working as a content creator allowed me to work with various brands, and also gave me the chance to learn a lot from these collaborations. Working in this field has helped me grow every day. I have been blessed to work with both bigger brands and small businesses. These opportunities helped me work harder on my content and make it better each time. I have worked with nearly 100 brands since the year 2019. I also got the opportunity to get awarded the title- “Emerging Female Lifestyle Content Creator of the Year” by Influencerquipo in the year- 2021.

6) Does your work ever feel tedious to you? If so, how do you stay driven and motivated towards it?
As creating content is my passion, and I decided to take it as my profession, the question of feeling tedious doesn’t arise. But, still, I think that it is necessary to stay motivated in the profession I am taking. For that, I prefer going through the content of those few content creators whose content I admire a lot. I think every content creator shares content from which there is something to learn. Whenever I go through their content, I automatically feel motivated and driven to plan and create better content.

7) What are your hobbies and specific interests other than your profession?
My hobbies are reading and learning. I love learning everything in detail. I read a lot. I love staying up to date on various topics and subjects. From Science to Politics to Traditions and Cultures to Spirituality, I enjoy exploring all of these topics, which I prefer to learn about through reading. One more hobby of mine is spending time amidst the beauty of Mother Nature.

8) You have achieved so much in life. Any specific advice you’d like to share with our readers to help them grow in life?
Actually, for me, I am still learning and have a lot to learn in the field of content creation. I would like to say, “Never give up if your goals and objectives are true. Keep working hard even if you face obstacles. Always keep faith in your ability and never lose hope. Hard work pays off, even if it may take time. You just need to stay determined and move ahead. Success will come to you”.

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