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How ZARA Rules the World of Fashion ?

Business Journey
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Found by Amancio Ortega and Rosalía Mera in the year 1975, Zara is a company that specializes in fast fashion. It is the largest brand serving in the world’s largest apparel retailer, Inditex. In 1980, the company made a few updations wherein the use of information technologies, using advanced techniques and designers came into the picture.

Zara started its international growth in the year 1988, starting from Porto, Portugal. Later, expanding itself in the United States (1989) and France (1990), Zara opened its other stores in various countries across the globe, with its first one in India in the year 2010. It uses RIDF technology to find the entire information about the product since the year 2014. In 2015, Interbrand’s list ranked Zara at 30th position under the category of best global brands. Zara had risen by 2.17% when textile commerce of the world had gone down by 2.38% in the year 2019 as stated by Global Fashion Business Journal.

Along with clothing products for every age group, Zara also provides home designs in its European stores. Zara produces above 450 million items every year. Most of the products Zara merchandise is manufactured in vicinity countries like Portugal, Morocco, and Spain. It monitors buyers’ fashion changes and withdraws the items which do not make a good sale within a week.

Zara has spread itself in 96 countries with 2259 stores, contracting to about 160 thousand people. It has a total revenue of about 20.6 billion dollars as of 2019 reports.
Beautifying the crowd with its new collections, Zara has always fascinated its clients by going with the newest trends!


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