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Akash Chitaranjan Samanta | Entrepreneur & Fitness Coach

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Interviewed by The Success Today – A Digital Webzine

Could you tell us about yourself and your work?
Hello Everyone Namastey
My Name is Akash Chitaranjan Samanta I am an Internationally Certified Fitness Coach and Nutritionist from Mumbai.
In 2018 I started my own fitness company named


I have a small team of 8 trainers working with me
We provide services like

Training for special population
Nutrition planning
Strength training
Fat loss training
Functional training
Athletic training
Group training
Dance / Zumba
Mat Pilates

How you and your service is helping society?
When I started my journey I was training as a sports fitness trainer with a football academy there I thought I could create a bigger impact by training the general population in group training at an affordable price …From there I never looked back I started providing group training and also personal training at home as results started coming to the demand increased so I started hiring trainers of different skills and that worked ….and then after 2 years we had a pandemic on 2020 so we shifted online and kept going strong and we helped the society to stay fit and healthy during the pandemic by offering our services free for 3 months on a trial basis and a lot of new students connected with us then and my trainers got an amazing response altogether…

What is the USP of your work?
The USP of our work is we are the only startup fitness company in Mumbai that
Trains from the age group of 5 years children to 85 years old people & further with the expertise of training special population
And we are the only one to provide a maximum of fitness activities all under one roof on-demand Personal Training at Home or Online
if people find it expensive then we also offer

online / offline group training at your convenience at affordable prices. We have broken the myth that if u want loose fat or build muscles it can only be done in the gym by providing amazing indoor home workouts and outdoor customised training and diet plans to my clients and students at an affordable range

What are your Vision and Mission?
My vision is to reach out to all Indians even to those who cannot afford fitness….money should not be the barrier to your health….we are currently working on projects to reach out to people all over India by online platforms so that everyone can train without any money barrier…keeping it at affordable prices

And My Mission is to eliminate lifestyle diseases from India which can be easily achieved with lifestyle changes such as a disciplined diet, exercises and meditation
We need to work on it as a lot of Indians are suffering from lifestyle diseases because of their carelessness and sedentary lifestyle

What are your achievements in this industry?
My achievements in this industry are that I have created my own brand
I have also created job opportunities for freelancers and full-time trainers working in my team

Apart from that I have trained an athlete for agility and functional training she has currently won 3 international gold medals in table tennis in World Championships 2023 under 13 years old category and made our country proud

and we are also training a few national level athletes playing different sports

Me and my team have done transformation of more than 150 clients offline in Mumbai and around
200+ clients online..from INDIA, Canada, US, UK, etc.
Maximum of them are for Fatloss transformation

Does your work ever feel tedious to you? If so, how do you stay driven and motivated towards it?
We work mobile so we have to move around all over different locations….I stay driven and motivated because I have chosen my passion for fitness as my profession so that makes a big difference… I tell my trainers to work only if they enjoy doing it…or else it’s better to choose a career where u feel passionate enough

What are your hobbies and specific interests other than your profession?
My hobbies are trekking, cycling, and watching movies and my interest other than my current profession is investing in Indian stock market..so I research and invest accordingly.

You have achieved so much in life, any specific advice you’d like to share with our readers to grow in life?
I don’t feel I have achieved so much in life …it’s just that since I graduated whatever I did in life I made sure I put in all the work and effort needed to be the best version of myself …
And for people who want to grow in life if you want to be an Entrepreneur or to Start a Business you have to have the MINDSET or even if you work for someone you have to bring in the best package and grow as a person don’t stop learning work harder and think big to achieve what you desire for and leave everything else to universe it will take you to the right place at the right time….and lastly I would also like to thank
all my GURUs in life for believing in me and also
ISUCESS TODAY …for presenting me this Healthcare & Fitness Award 2023 for MOST EMERGING FITNESS COACH AND NUTRITIONIST 2023 it means a lot.

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