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Purva Rana: Rising without flaws

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My love for buildings is beyond measures. Huge buildings and their designs have always fascinated me since childhood. But, growing up in associate orthodox culture, my relatives usually embarrassed me by saying designing is more of a luxury than a profession, it’s simply a waste of money.

Despite all the conspicuous, my folks created certain that my studies were never hindered. So, after I graduated and commenced functioning at my 1st job, it felt sort of a dream come true.

Having worked there for six months I moved ahead with adeptness and opened my very own company ‘Vapp styles‘. whereas I place a fullstop to any or all the ‘you may fail‘ remarks from my relatives, I used to be aghast to receive backlash from my seniors.

One of my Mentors even dared to inform me that ‘ ladies ought to provide a backseat to their careers to measure a good life in India ‘. I used to be even backfired by my friends.

I even started my design institute throughout the pandemic last year. Having worked within the trade for many years, I started my institute following my gut that I will give the folks what is foremost vital within the designing world – ‘ Exposure.

I was shattered initially however didn’t hand it over. I even reached out to one of my seniors for help. She charged me around 50k for it, and it absolutely was that moment after I realized – ‘ each accomplishment comes with a price to pay ‘remain has been history!

Watching me in the Academic sector-leading an Institute – my mentors, colleagues, seniors, and heaps of individuals from the trade challenged me that I won’t be able to build it. One of my ex-bosses even aforesaid ‘ Dekhlena, you may move it down in a year ‘.

Let it be following my dream of living my reality or ever-changing my goals midway – I’ve always had a good share of individuals making an attempt to drag me down. But, here I’m – a proud designer and Director of 145+ students and far more to go!

I managed to stand out against all odds as a result of ‘ Kuch toh log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna ‘. however, my aspirations are as concrete as the buildings I design! “


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