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How much Self Confidence is important for an individual

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Self-confidence is the assurance of an individual over his/her qualities and abilities. Self-confidence means to trust oneself and to have a sense of control in life.

It is an attitude reflecting skills and abilities in an individual.
Self-confidence is based on perception. Perception is the way an individual thinks about himself/herself.
A person possessing high self confidence believes in one’s own plans and work on it without losing hope.

Benefits of high self-confidence :
Increased sense of self-worth
• More happiness and joy in life
• Reduced fear
• More opportunities
• Peace of mind
• More energy and motivation to act
• Greater chances of success

A person with low self confidence doubts his plans and goals, as well as he/she, can be easily deviated from the right path.

Consequences of low self confidence:
Anxiety, stress, loneliness, and depression.
• Impaired academic and job performance.
• Self-criticism
• Eating disorders
• Inability to overcome hurdles
• Loss of hope

It is absolutely necessary to have high self confidence else a person would ruin his/her life and would try to question his/her existence.
To build confidence, one needs to work on it. By adopting some ways, one can attain self confidence.

Ways to Increase Self-Confidence:
Recognize and emphasize your strengths
 Believe in yourself
 Reward and praise yourself for your progress
 Set realistic and achievable goals
 Do not rely on others
 Recognize that the past cannot dictate your future
 Read books to get motivated

Self confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings. It is the driving force of success. Self confidence is the key element that determines the impact one leaves on the people around himself/herself.
“Self confidence is the key to win over your life”.


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