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Paruli Pandey – Entrepreneur | Humara Salon (Beauty Salon Services at Home)

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Life is a journey. I thank Thesuccesstoday for giving me the opportunity to express myself and reach out to all the lovely women who in some way or the other have experienced the kind of journey I have gone through. I wrote this article for them. You are not alone. Always believe in yourself believe in God and take a step back and bounce at life. You are unstoppable, nothing can hold you back – always say this to yourself and no one, no one in this world can de-moral you.
Hi, I am Paruli Pandey
I’m what now because of God. I always believe at every stage of life God has been with me and guided me throughout my journey. I am strongly believing that whatever situation, we may be at present, its God’s plan. Trust him and walk through the journey by holding his hand, surely you will soon reach the deserving destination.

My life has been a roller coaster since childhood. My father had left my mom because she delivered a baby girl. Now one can imagine if someone has to start from the ground root in a city without any support what kind of lifestyle they have to experience. With all of those challenges in life, my maternal grandfather on the other hand was seeking my custody and with all the legal settlement I was given to my mom at the age of 3. Life has been a struggle from childhood, I have experienced a lot of hurdles in my life but now is the realization that it was all in God’s plan to make me a strong individual. Looking at my mom working so hard, I gave my 100% in my studies and was always the second-best despite trying for being the “best”.

God was fortunate enough and one fine day Mom decides to move aboard for work for the betterment of my growth. She never wanted me to experience the life of a less privileged child. But somehow it makes a bit of difference when you are a stepchild. Before she leaves abroad, she decided to put me in boarding. We visited St. Terresa in Borivali, Mount Mary in Bandra, St. Anthony in Andheri, St. Peter in Dockyard and then we were directed to Regina Pacis in Byculla where our search ended with a twist. In our first meeting, the nuns in the interview panel rejected saying I had both parents so they can not accept my application. We left the reception disheartened and disappointed but luckily I got the admission over there somehow magically.

I strive hard and always asked God to lead me in the right way. I left everything to him – Good or Bad. He will take care of me; I just have to follow in his footsteps. Life challenges didn’t stop there.

I was happily married with 2 kids but the relationship didn’t work for more than 12 years and I had to move. Whenever wherever I realized that it was not working, I simply asked God to lead me and I did as he guided me. During that time of year 2017, I was diagnosed with the most critical illness TB and Kidney stones at a very critical stage, I was at the urge of my last stage. But fortunately, I was survived. God gave me another life. Along the journey, I realized if I had not moved out of that I would have got settled and got stuck with my life. God created that situation for me to get stronger and be a messenger to someone who’s facing the similar situation right now and make a difference in that one life. In Indian culture, we are taught that you cannot live single all your life. And I hand-hold a partner of life when I was feeling low in life. I was even at the stage of suicide. I was lucky enough to have my mom by my side and she motivated me to look at my life then again miracle happen, and I was called by my friends who had started a new company and they wanted me to be a part of it to manage their administration department. I’m thankful that they hand-hold me and guided me but the situation went a bit dais and I had to leave Mumbai. At that stage, I just felt like leaving everything and just relaxing and enjoying the rest of my life. I went to native giving up my career and life in Mumbai. Followed all the rituals and culture as was expected by any woman. But the twist was after being there for 3 years the situation changed during the pandemic. I became the victim of home violence. It was again in life my heart broke. I decided to come back to Mumbai. When we were back in Mumbai, I was still facing home violence and then one fine day I decided it’s enough. I took a step back and bounced back at life. Nothing can stop I will rebuild everything. I started looking for a job and finally, I was given an opportunity by Mr. Ashok Singh. I named him because he was the pillar for me. Only possessing knowledge is nothing, important is how should we implement it. This is what I have learned from being with him. The company was doing a business mastery program in which I was one of the key members. This was again a twist in my life and I eventually started making a difference in people’s life. The way of looking at life has completely shifted. The mindset was changed drastically. And this is how the ‘Humara Salon’ emerged with all the situations experienced. Especially I remembered the days when I was pregnant and unable to visit the salon for months because of the waiting hours and uncomforted zone. Then when I had delivered baby, it becomes extremely difficult to give time to the salon when you have small kids with you. When I was working, the schedule is to be so tight between home and office. At times it is to be so difficult to visit a salon and then go and wait for your turn despite of pre-book appointment – uhh! Once when I was hospitalized and went through a tiny finger surgery where my right hand was fully wrapped with a bandage for months, I found it so difficult and started feeling ugly. I was wishing if someone would come to me and make me feel nice just by cleaning my face, massaging, oiling, etc. That is how I realized the need for Salon Services at home and I introduced ‘Humara Salon’ mainly for women who have been finding it difficult to visit to the parlors. We recognized the need for a more convenient and personalized approach to beauty services. We envisioned a company that would break free from the traditional salon model and brings exceptional beauty treatments directly to clients’ doorsteps. With a strong belief in empowering individuals to look and feel their best, we set out to redefine the beauty experience.

This one with a big smile!
Our PM says Clean India, we say Clean Indian 😊. Right now, only women 😊 one at a time!
So, we aim to enhance the beauty of every woman so they look and feel beautiful by providing their services as per their comfort and in their comfort zone and at an affordable price. The woman who is not visiting a parlors due to time constraints, due to situation (medical, pregnancy, baby, shy, etc.), or due to money. We stand by them; we are just a call away. A pregnant woman or a woman with a newly born baby finds it difficult to give time to herself, we become a companion for them.

Usually, a salon service is considered to be a place where you go and get yourself groomed. ‘ Humara Salon’ provides priority to its customers by providing salon-quality treatments in the comfort of their homes, we transform beauty routines into pampering moments. Considering the time and money factor we introduce packages that give high value at a minimum price. We add extra value with after service exceptional customer service. Above all these, we bring a big SMILE to our customers because they save time and money with quality and priority services. Attention to detail, personalized consultations, and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction became the hallmarks of our service. Clients are not just clients; they are cherished individuals, and their happiness and well-being were the ultimate priorities.
Our biggest achievement is the SMILE in our clients’ faces. We have been serving women across Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai and are glad to share that we have been able to reach out to many who were finding it difficult to visit the salon/parlors for one or the other reason as mentioned in this article earlier. We recently started an HS community for women to share life experiences and knowledge for them to overcome difficult situations in their life. We provide help and support by addressing their concerns. By nurturing relationships within the community, we created a sense of trust, loyalty, and a positive reputation
I love listening to music and dancing. Music relates to your different moods. Music has helped me overcome the most difficult situations in life. Dance to the fullest in your own world, it takes you to another level altogether. This practice has helped me a lot with my hurdles in life. I enjoy being myself.
I recently developed an interest in reading books. Reading related to personal and professional development. This has made me a different personality by changing my mindset.

In life everyone faces challenges. Start looking at things differently. Whenever you have a thought, try and see and figure out what will it be on the other side and you will have the answer. In my experience, my first thought mostly was negative but when I tried giving it a second thought it worked positively. This is because maybe out of emotion your inner sense reacts immediately and reacts quickly decision, there we need to stop calm down and re-think and definitely you will get an optimistic result. Never put yourself down, always say to yourself “I am the best”, “I am unstoppable” and life will work as per you. Keep faith in God and believe that whatever is happening is as per his plan. Just ask him to show you the path and you shall follow.

I’m concluding my story with the hope to make a difference to that one live who has been struggling like I did it sometime in my life. I have disclosed all my secrets in this story with the intention to reach out to that one LIVE.
REMEMBER – “A Queen will always turn pain into POWER”

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