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Ambani bags the position of being the 4th richest in the world.

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Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd is now worth a whopping $80.6 billion as he generated $22 billion in the current year. Ambani overtook Europe’s wealthiest man and raised his bar higher.
The rapid growth of Ambani’s is truly overwhelming and very astonishing. This Indian name has surpassed a number of very big personalities in their race of position. Surely, they are making India proud and making India’s global presence much more visible.

Elon musk, Alphabet Inc. and very well know, Warren Buffett is a few tycoons that Ambani hai overshadowed.
The Bloomberg Billionaire index has pointed out that Mukesh Ambani has jumped around ten places on the index since the very first month of the year, January. It was after Facebook’s CEO Zuckerberg’s involvement in Ambani’s business that helped Reliance Industries Ltd to surge to 145% from a very low position of ₹867.82 in the month of March.
After Ambani becoming the 4th Richest man on earth, it has changed the game for sure and has brought in a lot more excitement in the business world. After all, an Indian tycoon has entered the world’s top 5 richest people’s list. We have, for many years only seen American dominance in the world’s richest lists.

There were some Europeans entering the game every now and then but there was hardly something different. The ones keeping up with it have been seeing such names for a significant time now and they did deserve a twist.

The tug war of the position only happened between either American or a few Europeans but there surely wasn’t any diversity in the same and it was much needed. It’s not only about Indian’s but about Asians as a whole. We haven’t ever witnessed an Asian reach to the top and this has given away for all the budding and very successful Asian business tycoons to get the target high and that they can achieve anything that they want to. It’s only sincere perseverance and hard work that leads you to the top, and your nationality and background is not something that’ll prevent you from being what you want to be globally.

Ambani has dethroned Bernard Arnault and is now the 4th richest with Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, Lary Page and Sergey Brin behind him.


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