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Tim Cook joins the billionaire race….

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Apple has remained a big name in the technology market for years now and has bagged tremendous support and trust from their customers and audience. Almost a decade ago Tim Cook achieved the throne of being the CEO of Apple Inc. With this position came a number of responsibilities for Cook nothing ever was able to bring him down. He faced everything head up and shoulder high and that’s what the spirit of a real leader is. Under his reign, Apple has continued to grow and win the love of people. He surely is one heroic figure for the Apple family.

Since Apple’s valuation was on a rise like it always is, it gave a chance to Tim Cook to touch the billionaire mark for the very first time, with a net worth of $1 billion. This what the calculation Bloomberg Billionaire Index came up with. His rising fortune is closely liked with the company’s functioning that he manages.

What pushed Cook to touch the big B mark was the 5% share price surge that was witnessed. This not only proved to be a stepping stone for Tim Cook but has also increased the value of Apple as a company.

Apple was worth only $350 million when founder Steve Jobs passed away. The demise led to Tim Cook handling the whole company on his own after coming into action as the new CEO of the company. A lot was expected out of him and he sure did fulfill all of the expectations.
Now after 9 years of Tim Cook being the Chief Executive Officer, the company’s worth a whopping $2 trillion. The company grew during the pandemic and reached its ultimate high.

The billionaire title was only given to him once the regulatory filings of the company were viewed by the Bloomberg Billionaire Index. Being a billionaire now, Tim hasn’t forgotten about the needy and pledged to do ate a significant amount in charity. He is also first among the fortune 500 CEO to come out as gay, openly.


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