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Estée Lauder Companies is an American multinational retail brand that sells luxurious skincare, makeup, fragrance and hair care products all over the world. The company was founded by Estée Lauder and her husband Joseph Lauder in 1946 in NYC, New York, the U.S. This company’s most targeted consumers are women over 30 having aging problems. This company is extremely famous worldwide and they sell their products in more than 120 countries which is huge. The immense success of this brand has made it a very expensive brand to afford.

Estée Lauder has gained a reputation for innovatively propelled, elite items. The way that the Estee Lauder brand conveys the organization’s family name additionally considerably makes it a prompt impression of the business in general. The headquarters of this brand are located in General Motors Buildings New York City, New York, US. The very first products produced by this brand were: cleansing oil, Skin lotion, Super Rich all-purpose cream, and cream pack which became an instant hit among women of that generation.

After two years, they opened their first store in Saks Fifth Avenue, Manhattan. Currently, the CEO and President of Estée Lauder is Fabrizio Freda and William P. Lauder is the Executive Chairman. As calculated in 2017, the revenue of the brand is $11.824 billion US dollars and 46,000 employees. The company sells its products at its own stores and online and they have also teamed up with Sephora, a beauty retailer to sell their products in the whole world. Many famous names have also been using this brand which is great marketing for the company. This company has 11 different skincare and makeup brands which is how Estée Lauder companies are making most of its income.

All these brands are a huge hit in the beauty and wellness world. It’s the brand that will maintain its high-end status for a long time even with tough competition.


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