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Interviewed by The Success Today – A Digital Webzine

1-Could you introduce yourself to us and tell us something about your professional life?
Hello to you all!
Firstly, I cannot forget to mention how honored I feel to be sitting in front of such a respected bench. I am Dr. Karthiken Raj. I am a physiotherapist by profession. It’s been 12 years since I graduated and I must say that my professional life has been fulfilling ever since. I started off as a practitioner in Hyderabad at BHARGAVI PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINICS.
Past 12 years as a physiotherapist, treating 30000 patients with 95% success rate- it has been a roller coaster ride. I got to offer my services to some renowned faces. Also, I’ve had the great opportunity of helping the underprivileged.
I’ve had the honour of receiving many national as well as international awards for my contributions to the health sector.

2- How much of a role, according to you, has your family played in helping you reach where you are today?
Well, I would say my family has been immensely supportive. My father is a retired veterinary doctor and my mother, a school headmistress. I’ve seen them have huge respect for their professions and they’ve inculcated the same values in me. Put hard work and sincerity in whatever you do- is what I’ve been taught while growing up and it’s exactly what I implement to pave my way towards great success.
And my wife has been my biggest pillar of strength all throughout the ups and downs in my career. Being an IT professional herself, she understands the uncertainties of professional life and has been very very supportive.

3-What is your ultimate aim as a doctor?
You know, dealing with a patient’s physical injuries is no big deal for physiotherapists. We are trained for it. But dealing with their psychological or emotional status is quite a challenging task. Making a patient believe in the process of physiotherapy and how it can help them break free from their pain is a hefty task. The process of physiotherapy takes time and maintaining a positive relationship with the patient all that while is necessary, regardless of our state of mind.
Post-treatment, the smile I am able to bring on my patients’ faces is worth every effort and that’s what has kept me going. That’s what has been my ultimate aim.

4-What was it that had first persuaded you to enter into this particular field?
Well, I was not so convinced pursuing physiotherapy as a career initially. I wanted to be a filmmaker, it’s something that has always captivated my mind. I got into the field of physiotherapy for that’s what my parents wanted me to do.
But an incident changed my entire perspective of joining the field. Once I had to treat a critical case resulting from a severe head injury, the patient was completely bedridden. The treatment went on for a month. Towards the end of the course, the patient was able to regain his mobility. The patient’s wife accompanied him every day for an entire month.
After her husband’s successful treatment, she fell down to my feet saying this was her husband’s rebirth (punarjanm) and that I was the God who had granted him this rebirth. She went on crying for nearly half an hour. That day I felt the respect and gratitude that this service brings along. From that day onwards, my search for the reason of pursuing this career was over and I devoted myself whole-heartedly to this sector. The incident had brought an emotional aspect to my service.

5-With such cut-throat competition in this industry, what is it that makes your services exceptional?
There is no question about competition when one is creative with their work.
Honestly, I’ve never let the feeling of competition drown me, not even during my school or college days. I strongly believe, one’s work does all the talking and I have my own creative ways of handling the patients. I compete with myself for case-to-case prognosis between my patients.

6- Your achievements in this industry have been impressive. Would you like to highlight some of them?
Well, thank you.
To be honest, every patient whom I treat and cure is an award, an achievement for me. But I cannot deny the motivation and push one gets upon receiving
I received my first award when I was 27, back in 2015. I was awarded the National Integration Award by the Central Minister, Bhandaru Dattatreya. I had also received Vaidhya Rathna award in the same year. At the time, I was the youngest to receive these two honours among all the other awardees.
In the subsequent years, I’ve been recognized by many other organizations. In 2016, I was awarded as the Best Emerging Physiotherapist. The same year, I had received the Vaidhya Prapurna award from the former CM of United Andhra Pradesh, K.ROSSAIAH sir. The following year, I was bestowed upon the Vaidya Seva Rathna award. In 2018, I was honoured with the Visishta Puraskar. Further, I’ve also been nominated for the Global Health Care and International Merit awards. And of course, adding to my success is the recognition from your magazine.

7-Do you ever feel tedious of your work? If so, how do you stay driven and motivated towards it?
In the past 12 years, I have treated more than 30000 cases, ortho and neuro combined and conducted around 500 free medical camps to make people aware of the miracles of physiotherapy. I find my profession more like a service or an offering rather than just a job that earns me my living. That’s what has kept me going all these years.

8-What interests you other than your profession? What are your hobbies?
Physiotherapy is my profession, film-making is my passion. Some time back, I had even got the chance to study film-making at a famous film institute in South India.
Though I haven’t had the privilege of making films myself, I have treated many big personalities of the film industry. In that way, I’ve been in touch with my passion.
But I am aiming at fulfilling my long-desire of filmmaking this year by recording a feature film. I hope everything turns out well.

9-You have achieved so much in such a short span of time. What is it that you’d like to advise to those beginning their careers in this field?
Medical is a Nobel career. To all those who’re looking to begin their careers in this field, I’d like to say that you’re sure to achieve milestones if you’re ready to offer your services and give back to society.
One piece of advice that I’d give them all is to be creative in their work. Don’t let the sense of competition fool you and trap you into imitating others. Be unique in your services.
And lastly I would say, don’t just get satisfied with one success because…”SUCCESS IS NOT A GOAL IT’S A JOURNEY”. Always be hungry for even greater success.


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