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Dr. Rishabh Verma – Founder and Chief Nutritionist | Nutrillion Health LLP

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He is Dr. Rishabh Verma-Passionate Entrepreneur, Founder and Chief Nutritionist of Nutrition Health LLP. In the early days of his career, he did MBA in Business Management. But his interest went into nutrition after he realized that in India, there is no authentic source for nutrition and Health.

Nutrition became his passion after seeing that this country is facing the major issue of having no authentic services in the field of nutrition and Health. Since then, he decided to read lots of articles, books and research and learn more about nutrition and Health. He worked very hard to gain knowledge in this nutrition, and since then, his journey in nutrition started. His journey in nutrition was quite tough, but his hard work, dedication and love for this profession made everything possible. He received Honorary Doctorate for his work and contribution to the nutrition and Health field from International Organization along with top Indian government officials. He has five years of experience in nutrition science.

At the start of his career, he made one female person lose 27.5 kg in 7 months. With this sparklingly start, he decided to fully dedicate himself to the field of nutrition and Health. He has participated in many International Conference on Food and Nutrition, such as those organized by USFN Singapore, participated in International Conference on Nutritional and Environmental Medicine organized by Research Institute, Participated in Nutrition Innovators Summit organized by the Nutritionist Entrepreneur Program, Participated in Conference on Science of Nutrition for enhancing sports performance and fitness organized by Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences in collaboration with Indian Association (Pune Chapter). At the start of his career, he started working with one wellness organization. He is experienced in making people lose weight. He was in client counselling, nutrition documents creating and corporate wellness programs.

His clients were big celebrities, VVIP clients from the central government officials and many other Nutrition counselling Clients from various countries like Bhutan, Nigeria, the USA, Afghanistan, Canada, Singapore and etc. He did counsel more than 1000 people and is counting more. His skills include the love to handle tough situations, problem-solving mentality, never give up attitude, seeing opportunities in difficult conditions, risk-taker, living a purposeful life etc..…

He always had the vision to start his own work. When he was in a wellness organization, he thought if he will stick to one organization, his reach to change people’s Health and life would be limited. So he made up his mind to form his own brand Nutrillion. After many hard work, he made his own company Nutrillion Health LLP which has been his dream since he entered the field of nutrition. He was clear that his purpose was to serve at least one million people before he died. He has a goal to make India disease-free and medicine-free. Nutrillion is all about making personalized nutrition on the basis of genetic reports and gut microbiome reports for every individual. Personalized nutrition is very specific in nature. Personalized nutrition is comprehensively associated with individual factors such as genetic, medical etc., which incorporate eating habits and nutritional guidelines as per an individual’s need.

There was a very big reason for making its own brand Nutrillion as there is a parallel appliance of diet management under personalized nutrition for patients or who require particular nutritional composition like lactating mothers, pregnant women or old age and to Healthy persons for personal Health. People with special personal goals such as achieving wanted body shape or size, competitive sports and dealing with preferences also desire to get benefitted from personalized nutrition. With so much advancement, he decided to do personalized nutrition on the basis of genetic reports and gut microbiome reports. Hence, to make nutrition and Health very good in this country. He has many national and international credentials, which are a Diploma in weight loss, Genetic Nutrition Specialist-Translational Nutrigenetics and Sports Nutrigenomics, Certification in Personal Fitness Training, Dietary Supplementation Expert- Master Level and Master Specialization in Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics- Uplevel, Sports Nutritionist, Health Coach, Qualified Diabetes Educator, Cancer Nutritionist, Vitiligo Treatment Expert with Diet Supplementation, Gut Health expert etc. His main philosophy of life is to – Think Beyond Thinking and Imagine Beyond Imagination.

He focuses on the cause and root of concerns as he believes that doesn’t solve the issue, just try to know why this issue happened. In Nutrillion Health LLP, making personalized nutrition on the basis of the genetic report was based on this philosophy that he wanted to focus on the cause and root of anything any person is facing in nutrition and Health. Personalized nutrition, on the basis of the genetic report, is because of its linkage with nutrition. This is actually the extension in the field of the Health and nutrition industry, which aims to find, cure and prevent diseases through dietary changes in an individual lifestyle. As it’s not hidden from anyone today that genes and diet are tightly linked with each other as genetic variation affects body’s response to foods and hence affects the Health of genes and hence the Health of the person. His vision is to bring a revolutionary change in the nutrition and Health industry with uniqueness in the work of Nutrillion Health LLP and change a person’s Health for a better living and continuous progress


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