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Nidhi Chugh – Graphologist, Numerologist, Vastu & Logo Analyst

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Interviewed by The Success Today – A Digital Webzine.

Q1. Could you tell us about yourself and your work?
I am Nidhhi R. Chugh, a self-motivated and hard-working individual. I am a Certified Graphologist (Handwriting & Signature Expert). I completed my advanced course in graphology from the International School of Handwriting Analysis (ISHA USA, California) in 2011 and an advanced course from Power of Handwriting (India). I have currently been appointed as the Delhi NCR head of the Power of Handwriting. Over the years, I have further specialised in graphotherapy by doing courses at the same institutions and other places.
Alongside, I have done multiple courses in Numerology, Vaastu, and Scientific Logo Designing. My experience includes giving workshops on personality development through handwriting in schools and corporate offices, along with working in the HR Departments of several offices for recruitment purposes. I have several years of experience in Vastu. I am fascinated by AstroVastu and Numerology, and as a result, I observe and attempt to study the energies that surround us.

Q2. How you and your service is helping society?
I have helped individuals in India as well as abroad to overcome problems like delays in marriage, relationship issues, court cases, unnecessary expenditure, financial problems, building confidence, improving concentration and much more. For corporates, I try to be a solution provider by helping them recruit the correct person (through numerology and graphology) and also help them by balancing the energies around their premises. I do give consultations online and offline. I have done more than 4,000 cases successfully, which includes homes, factories, and commercial establishments. I try to give solutions through simple remedies like balancing zones through colours and 3D Remedies. I will try to solve the problem without demolishing any walls. Clients’ satisfaction is my biggest achievement.

Q3. What is the USP of your work?
Once I take the sample or project, I treat it as my project. I make sure that the client benefits from my services. Once I hold the hand of my client, I treat it as my baby and help them grow in life in all ways. I don’t believe in quantity, I believe in quality.

Q4. What are your vision and mission?
My vision is to see everyone understand the importance of writing and implement it by writing something every day for their own sake. I want every house to have at least one numerologist or graphologist so that they can help their close ones. I have started teaching whatever I have learnt from my mentors.

Q5. What are your achievements in this industry?
My achievement is seeing my client’s smiling face. It gives me immense satisfaction and a sense of responsibility when they show so much faith and trust in me.

Q6. Does your work ever feel tedious to you? If so, how do you stay driven and motivated towards it?
No, not at all. I enjoy my work to the core. As I told you, it keeps me going. My clients are more like family members to me. Their feedback, love, and faith keep me motivated and I feel that I need to keep updating myself so that I can help them.

Q7. What are your hobbies and specific interests other than your profession?
I love travelling, meeting people, and doing adventurous activities. I love helping underprivileged kids who want to study or are ready to come out of the situation they have been thrown into for no fault of theirs.

Q8. You have achieved so much in life, any specific advice you had like to share with our readers to grow in life.
My first advice to my readers will be to always be grateful to the universe (or whomever you believe) in. Secondly, love and respect your parents. You might have a difference of opinion with them, but respect that and move on. Most importantly, love yourself. Be proud of your achievements without worrying about what others are going to think about you. Learn from your surroundings. By sharing my secret, I have learnt and am still learning a lot from my children.
Take care and stay healthy.

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