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Sarika Roy : Solopreneur – Scarlett The Style Studio

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Interviewed by The Success Today – A Digital Webzine

~Tell us about you and your business with a brief introduction.
With a passion to make the ordinary extraordinary, I first started as a salon owner to groom and bring out the best in people, but due to the global pandemic, I had to make the hard decision of shutting it down. Currently, I am a freelancer, majorly concentrating on bridals. I have worked with HD and airbrush makeup on all kinds of brides, I have also provided other services including, permanent hair straightening, creative colouring, keratin treatments etc.
Being a skin and hair consultant with a diploma in cosmetology & beauty parlour management, I still have strong tie-ups with all major salons to design and deliver customised beauty packages.
I have also worked with Lakme salons, VLCC HEALTH CARE LTD as Beauty Head for 7 years and My Baby Scarlett: The Style Studio for 8 years. So, when I shut the place, I decided not to sell my brand to anyone as I have clientele across the globe. Whenever they are in Vizag, they always visit me for major services like straightening colouring and give me bridal makeup up references. I also provide manpower for major bridal events, like masseurs, Mehandi walas, make up for family members etc

~ What inspired you to begin work on a career in this field?
I was married at the age of 18, I was only a 12th pass then.
My son was born when I was only 21 years old. My husband works for subsea, which leaves me with a lot of spare time. So to pass my time quicker, I started doing what I enjoyed the most. I took a proper education in this field, finished my graduation while working and taking care of my son alone. I got 3 promotions in VLCC where I had joined as beauty in charge, later I was promoted to beauty manager after graduation and then finally Beauty head which was an achievement as this post goes only to dermats and doctors.
I had also worked with Life slimming and the cosmetic clinic as the centre head. After all these experiences, I chose only creativity as my passion and finally settled as a hair & makeup artist. Which gives me immense joy and satisfaction. And of course money.

~ What services or products do you offer and how is it beneficial for your customers/clients?
I provide my services as per clients needs. Date, time, venue, personal preferences, everything matters. I create looks for their elaborate wedding functions along with trials.
I’m available on WhatsApp or video call for consideration. Hence most of my clients are from outside Vizag. I keep myself updated with the changing trends, which is why the NRI clients connect with ease.
My age n experience matters
I have great experience in the field of beauty which makes me stand out. I’m well known in this city, and the reason I’m still going is because of my strong references. When you do good work, people recommend you, and that’s what keeps me going.

~ What are your achievements so far in this industry?
What have I achieved – this is something I realised after shutting down my salon; that I am my own strength, I have become the brand “Scarlett the style studio”. One doesn’t need an office space to mark their presence, your work talks for you. And now when everything is so digitalized and online-based it hardly matters.
In terms of major events, I have fashion shows with the Indian Navy,
1) Fling awards – the futuristic fashion show.
2) Grooming partners for Miss Visakha 2015
3) Grooming for flying cats aviation academy
4) My students running their own business
5) PR for big brands like Matrix and Schwarzkopf ( they personally approach me to assist them in their colour launch events
6) I have always been the top salesperson in whichever company I have worked for.
Best was generating 20 lakhs in a day’s event in VLCC Vizag and an on spot payment of 6 lakhs by a cool sculpting client that seeded celebrations in our office for these achievements in this regard.
7) I have done hair & make up for a few celebrities too.
8) The best when is when a high-profile client comes and visits me for their bridal needs in spite of having the best of the industry services the city has to offer, they choose my work ❤️

~ What makes you passionate and motivates you to do your work tirelessly?
The love, respect & trust of my clients keeps me going the most.

~ If you had one piece of advice to someone who is about to start their business, what would it be?
Success is a very personal choice, you may conquer the globe and still feel dissatisfied. Or you can be Sarika and contented.
Recognize your calling, understand what’s your passion and go with it. If you are passionate about something, nothing else matters. But if you are working just for a living, you will always feel tired and exhausted at the end of the day. Whereas, if you’re in a profession where you are passionately involved, you continually work to improve yourself.


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