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Shreyaa Sumi – International Model | Pageant Winner | Actress

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Interviewed by The Success Today – A Digital Webzine

Let’s have a short introduction about you.
My name is Shreyaa Sumi. I am an International model, Pageant Winner and Actress. I have been modelling since 2013, while doing modelling I also got opportunities to act so I took it up. I have acted in short films and played supporting roles in movies. I also love to dance. Apart from beauty pageants & fashion shows, I have been featured in various magazine cover pages, Brand shoots, E-commerce and print shoots. I am born & brought up in India & later moved to California. After settling in California, I wanted to pursue the same, and that’s how I started working with International Brands in the USA.

What made you start this journey?
I choose to model because it is my passion and my dream. I have always wanted to make my career in performing arts right from my teenage years. I turned my passion and dreams into reality through my efforts and determination without any family background in the media industry. I feel incredibly proud and lucky to be able to make a difference and bring a positive impact through my work on the international platform.

Being a model and an international ambassador, how do you see the Indian Fashion industry and international fashion industry?
The international fashion industry is leading the charge in diversifying the fashion scene. Modelling in the west are now including all ethnicity backgrounds against the conventional ideas of certain body types or skin colour. There is an increase in opportunities for new faces in the international arena.
On the other hand, the fashion industry in India is severely lacking in sustainable work in terms of diversity. They are obsessed with fairness as the gold standard in beauty, many models in runways or campaigns are chosen based on their skin colour. In India, modelling is not even considered a real job, and there’s a long way to go still, but slowly and gradually we’re getting there.

What are your achievements so far in this industry?

Some of my proud achievements so far in the industry are:

  • Won the Title “Radiant Beauty Mrs. South Asia World 2020” held in the USA
  • Winner of “Mrs. India 2020” by Madarase Events held in Chennai, India
  • International Ambassador & Brand Ambassador for several brands.
  • Quarter-Finalist – “Maxim USA magazine cover contest 2021”
  • Colloborated with 50+ brands
  • Also an International Influencer (Beauty/Fashion Niche)

Awards I have received so far:

  • ”99 Women Indian achievers club”-Inspiring Global Indian award-2021,
  • International Achiever Award,
  • International Women Icon,
  • Global Icon Award-Influencer,
  • Nominee of International Influencer-2021,
  • Women Excellence Achievers Award,
  • South India Women Achievers Award,
  • Top 100 women achievers Global award,
  • ‘Self-made” Real Super Woman 2021 by FSIA award

What makes you passionate and motivates you to do your work tirelessly?
When you love what you do, it motivates you to do more and achieve more. Always remember, what might be impossible and against the odds for one person, does not make it impossible for you. I never allowed my circumstances to rule over my dreams and talent. I always chose to be the Game changer and inspire others in whatever possible way I could.

What’s your advice for someone who is about to start in your industry?
Be willing to sacrifice something to build the career you want. Be focused and driven. Be authentic in your own way, do it for yourself and not because everyone is doing it. Don’t ever let your doubt get in the way of your dreams. Embrace & learn from your failures, it helps you figure out the ways that don’t work out. Follow your intuition and believe in yourself.

*She can be reached for collaboration, check out her official pages


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