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Vinu Walia : Makeup Artist – Certified by Samaira Sandhu | Meera Sakhrani | Pooja Khurana | Swati Verma

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Interviewed by The Success Today – A Digital Webzine

~Let’s have a short introduction about you and your business.
I’m Vinu Walia, a professional makeup artist with over 4 years of experience purveying to a wide variety of people. I’m also a teacher and mentor for anyone who wishes to learn this art, be it a personal skill or pursuing it as a career. I have always been someone who believes in working hard and making a name for myself. As a makeup artist, I combine my skill & passion to provide a positive and personable experience for my clients.

~What made you start a journey in this industry?
After teaching in a school for 3 plus years, though a fruitful experience, I felt the need to break the monotony of work & expand the horizon of my own personal growth.
Growing up in a relatively orthodox Sikh family, I didn’t fully get to test the waters when it came to beauty and makeup, and that certainly played a significant role in my gravitating towards this field.
It was this very intrigue that made me dive into the world of makeup, which soon became a fiery passion that has been extremely rewarding and fulfilling.

~What services or products do you offer and how is it beneficial for your customers/clients?
No two people are the same, so I make sure that I offer a wide range of services and products for my clients to choose from so that every individual gets an opportunity to experience & test out different styles within their budgets, helping them understand what works best for them.
The services I provide include Powder-based, water-based, Mineral makeup and airbrushed makeup. Clients can choose packages like Bridal makeup, fashion makeup, makeup for parties, day events & many more occasions.
I have extensive experience in creating various styles of makeup, that would include ‘natural’, ‘glam’, ‘soft glam’, etc. moreover, I specialize in bridal makeups as well
I collaborate with highly talented hairstylist Ankita- my partner and constant support so that my clients get a hassle-free experience without having to choose different providers for services that usually go hand in hand.
There are a lot of amazing products in the market for people with varying needs, skin types and budgets. Some of my favorites are Nars, Bobbi Brown, Mac, Armani, Chanel.
I pay sincere attention to organization, hygiene and value my clients’ time & money. Along with the desired final product, I focus intensely on providing a positive & personable experience for everyone.

~What are your achievements so far in this industry?
I received my first certification as a professional makeup artist from Swati Verma in the year 2018. I have hence been certified by Pooja Khurana, Meera Lakhani and Samaira Sandhu.
I have done makeup for over (500) people for various events, wedding functions, fashion magazines, runway fashion, and product advertisements.
My clientele includes Mannat Noor, Aishwarya Raj Bhakuni (famous people).
I have been invited to lead numerous seminars on (topics) and have held over (number) workshops, mentoring more than (200) students during my career as a makeup artist.
I have collaborated with many projects and have travelled extensively all over the country to provide my services, to learn, and to grow & evolve continuously in my area of work.

~What makes you passionate and motivates you to do your work tirelessly?
Makeup is essentially a form of self-expression, a way of presenting ourselves to the world. It is not the superficial facade it is often inaccurately perceived as.
My makeup is who I am. I want people to feel confident, strong, and most importantly, their best selves.
The pure emotion I see in my clients’ eyes when they look at their reflection in the mirror is what drives me. When I see a person feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin, I know I have done my job.
My husband has been my absolute rock throughout my journey. He has relentlessly pushed me to pursue my passion and has been there to support me every step of the way. He is my biggest inspiration and motivator.

~If you had one piece of advice to someone who is about to start their business, what would it be?
As a makeup artist, it is vital that you learn essential methods, theory and cosmetic techniques to be able to do justice to your art. You should be able to understand colours, the lines & angles of the human face and body, skin texture, how different lights affect appearance etc.
Whether you want to land a full-time job with a company or work as a freelancer, you must remember that practice and experience are the keys. It will give you a chance to form a network & thus a strong clientele. You should be able to come up with innovative and creative ways to keep up with the latest makeup trends.
It takes time, hard work and commitment to building a strong network but if you are honest and passionate about your work, being a makeup artist can be a truly enriching and rewarding profession.


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