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Saurabh Khaspuri – Digital Marketing Coach | Speaker and Consultant | Founder & Co-Founder of Digital Takshila, Boomingbulls and Adbudds

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Interviewed by The Success Today – A Digital Webzine

Q1. Let’s have a short introduction about you and your business.
My name is Saurabh Khaspuri, I am a Digital Marketing Coach Speaker and Consultant, I am currently running 3 Companies:

  1. Boomingbulls
  2. Digital Takshila
  3. Adbudds
    I have around 11 years of experience in the industry where I have worked with the top-notch brands like IBM, WIPRO & HCL Technologies, and alongside that, I have been running some of the greatest startups of this era like Boomingbulls.

Q2. What made you to start a journey in this industry?
I consider myself a super creative, optimistic and visionary person. I always tend to get myself into something new, challenging and undiscovered.
while entering in the industry of Digital Marketing, I soon realised the potential this industry holds. My out of the box ideas and thinking were going beyond anyone’s expectations. I firmly believe that this industry has got one of the highest paying capabilities, and ergo, this is the best option for me.

Q3. What services or products do you offer and how is it beneficial for your customers/clients?
The services that I offer are Digital Marketing Consulting, Digital Marketing Learning and Stock Market Learning.
I truly believe that these are the sectors in which people really need guidance and support, which is exactly what I aim to offer through my services.

Q4. What are your achievements so far in this industry?
I have been able to generate a Business of 20 Cr in the last 2 years for my clients
Our YouTube Channel has reached half a million Subscribers count.
Our Instagram channel has been able to reach 1 Lakh + followers.
We have received the YouTube Silver Button.
I have trained more than 3000 professionals.
Helped 100 + Brands.

Q5. What makes you passionate and motivates you to do your work tirelessly?
My dreams and aspirations make me passionate to work. However, I don’t stay motivated all the time. Being human beings, we all get our ups and down in feeling motivated. So I make sure that I take proper rest and think when I am not motivated. I want to tell you that for me, the best strategies come at the time when I am resting and not feeling super motivated.

Q6. If you had one piece of advice to someone who is about to start their business, what would it be?
Start as early as possible and take advice from someone already in the industry and doing well before you come in. Additionally, I would also like to mention that hard times are always temporary so, never let it get to you and make you feel like quitting.


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