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Gursifat Kaur – Co-Founder & Baker | Dessert In Trousseau

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Interviewed by The Success Today – A Digital Webzine

Could you tell us about yourself and your work?
I’m Gursifat Kaur. Co-founder, Baker & Social media handler for Dessert In Trousseau. I’m currently doing BBA from NMIMS and took certification for Baker’s essential course from Truffle nation back in June 2022. The venture was brought into existence when I aged 16 in 2019 on 24th September along with my sister Manpreet. The day I started this off, I’d no closer look into how this industry works but just a little child inside me which screamed “I wish to do something on my own”. A lot disappointed with what I’d chosen in grade 11, and baking seemed a perfect escape from it. When I dived more into it, I realized that it took me back to what I loved the most as a kid. Since I baked my first cake using Marie gold biscuits when I was in 5th grade but never succeeded in the first go. My mom, who was my forever cheerleader kept insisting I try more with less. And one fine day I cracked the perfect recipe. But didn’t know that I would get back to my hobby making it a passion one day. And thereafter, I have never looked back to what life looked like without baking. I still don’t succeed in the first go but “Doing more with less” is always the goal. And I’m really proud of how I didn’t know anything about it to make people learn this art, I have come really far. And how can I not mention, that through it all Youtube was my best tutor? Now, My venture deals in Bespoke cakes/ Dessert tables/ Cupcakes/ Fondant cakes/ Caking tutor/ Luxury gift packing/ Luxe hampers/ Ring platters/ Shahi chitthi/ Elevated trays and the list goes on.

How you and your service is helping society?
I mean, Is there something that food cannot do? And if it’s dessert, how is it possible not to spread sweetness all over? Baking is considered to be one of the most mind-relaxing activities. The one which stimulates your senses and helps you enjoy the moment. I consider bakers to be the heart of a community. We help memorize important moments and events in everyone’s life. And let me tell you, during COVID-19 home bakers have initiated so much for the community. The quality product, the safer environment, the A-grade consumption quality and all of this in the comfort of the consumer’s home. When the world seemed dull, bakers were there to light it all up with their lockdown recipes, online interactive sessions & whatnot. I have conducted online sessions to raise the needful for an NGO named “CiaoHunger” from which 100% of proceedings were given to them. Since mental health comes into the limelight these days, we as bakers ensured to do our part at every step. Like any other creative pursuit, baking is a form of expression that helps relieve stress. A recipe is just a recipe until a baker comes along to make it- pouring a little bit of their passion, creativity and love into it. And besides that, we as bakers have contributed to the community by providing employment and creating an economic impact on the country.

What is the USP of your work?
Being a baker, your skillset is your biggest USP. No matter, how much you try to share your recipes or your art. But the “KALA” in your hands and the “CREATIVE MIND” always stays with you and cannot be passed on to the other. Besides that, REVIVING HEAVEN is the biggest USP of DIT. It is a DIY box of Nutella bites. I came up with Nutella bites as a product back in 2020 as a Diwali pop-up dessert. But I kid you not, it blew the mind of consumers that how refreshing, warm and delectable it was that I ended up selling nearly more than 1000’s boxes within a few months. After innumerable requests to sell it pan India, I made up a box that includes the mix, cake liner, Nutella and recipe card. And when it comes to the word “REVIVING HEAVEN”, The box ends up defining it. Reviving heaven is wholly dedicated to my Mom and Dog, whom I lost in the past and the product gives warmth and makes you revive heaven in every bite. And that’s something that is the USP of DIT. I hope that everyone experiences the warmth it has.

What are your Vision and Mission?
When it comes to Dreams, I’d never dreamt of being a baker one day. But destiny always calls and I’m fortunate enough that it did in the list of my choices. And today, standing here in life all I dream of is creating a community that is women-owned. As a human being, I have always felt the need to be stubborn and bold, wherein women are always suppressed in society in one way or the other. I’d always love to give ladies a chance to work alongside me when I end up opening up a cafe. Ludhiana is a developing city in Punjab, the lifestyle of people here has changed over the years and what I love the most about it is how adaptive it is to the new changes and how passionate they are about food. So I’ve got an environment where I can end up offering people certain food options, creating a warm atmosphere for every person that steps into my cafe. A cafe that would hold a special place in everyone’s heart, from consuming the first cup of coffee in the morning to the last dessert at night, I vision offering it all. I also look forward to teaching and sharing my knowledge with more people who’ve always been fond of food, who wish to learn the art or who are already in this industry. And besides that, I’ve always been an under-confident child who’d always preferred to not show up during competitions but I do manifest to give an inspirational speech at my own school, to let people know that being studio is not really important because each being has that “KALA” in their hands. In addition to it, all I want is to be respectfully called “Chef Gursifat kaur” one fine day.

What are your achievements in this industry?
Working as Baker and making people smile while consuming my product is the biggest achievement of all. And as I said, Youtube is my greatest mentor, When I started this off I hadn’t taken up any certified courses or any session before that and the only thing I’d lean on was youtube. So learning every step of baking a cake on my own is one of my achievements. Secondly, I was recognized by Storiyaan on their website as a Bake-A-Holic. Bringing Reviving heaven to life without any deep knowledge about it and making people try my product pan India is of the proud achievements that I have. Also, I got a certification from Truffle nation in Baker’s essential course and in addition to that, I stood first in my whole batch. Got nominated for the TEEN Baker choice award powered by Cake pop rush and made it to the top 5 in July 2021. Was the first one to come up with a Spotify barcode cake that plays songs. But above it all, My customers and the love they pour in has been the greatest one.

Does your work ever feel tedious to you? If so, how do you stay driven and motivated toward it?
In an honest view, it does. Every journey seems tedious at one point. The monotony in the flavor choices and social media’s need to keep up with the algorithm is the biggest problem in today’s time being a homegrown startup. But as I mentioned, my customer has been my greatest achievement, that’s what keeps me motivated throughout. I’ve had seen downfalls too but “A Comeback is always been stronger than my setback”. Besides that, My passion is to work for it and every morning when I wake up I realize the need to be in the kitchen and use my skillset to make something that looks as appetizing as it tastes. And I have a belief, Loving what you do isn’t an excuse for working only when you enjoy it. It’s about showing up on the days you don’t feel like, Trying on the days when you don’t feel creative. And there’s something so lively about this profession that, There’s flour on my phone cover making it look like a galaxy. Slippery phone screen, touching wrong notes with greasy fingers, Chef coat shining white with sugar, arm sleeves all dipped in butter, little chocolate chips and compotes have fallen aside reminding me every day that I’ll need floury hands and batter around me on everything I touch till I retire to know how much I love my work.

What are your hobbies and specific interests other than your profession?
My hobby is being in the kitchen itself. I love how raw muddy vegetables can be turned into something which attracts the senses of the nose and awakes the 6th sense and makes us rush to the kitchen. Being in school, I’d always take a part in cooking competitions and somewhere in the corner, I got this from my mumma, which just makes me stick more to it. I have always been certified with All rounder certificates during school, just because I love leadership. I mean, how powerful one feels to lead others and let them know what needs to be done. Also, Dancing is something I’d always hop onto in my hard times. It just let’s me express myself, the tunes make my feet tap and my soul awakes to the dancing beats making it a soothing moment all over. Besides that, I love penning down my ideas and instantly writing long real-life inspired captions on Instagram.

You have achieved so much in life, any specific advice you’d like to share with our readers to grow in life?
Every person has a different definition of success, so always make your own and believe in it like no other. Be very bold about your decisions, it may take up months to convince your parents or people around but never give up your interests. Take up every opportunity that comes your way. Be very particular and never negotiate on the cost of your product. Make a market that you dream of, never begin with a price that is surprisingly lower than the entire market. Always believe in hiring someone for something that the person excels in. And give your time to something you can really work on to make it big. Understand your business environment and always adjust according to the social needs of the community around you. Be up to date about what goes around. You’ll feel that you’re not enough at a point in your business journey, but keep going on, take breaks when needed and come back stronger with the best possible creative head. And always remember, if you cannot create something start consuming which just means taking up that time to learn new skills. Above it, all, be very particular about time and it’ll always value you back.

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