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“Follow your dreams. One ought to never stop dreaming. you would possibly reach one thing and miss out on others, however, you wish to stay operating towards your goals”- Ashima Jain, Founder and chief executive officer, Vegssup.

Vegssup promotes vegan diet and a plant-based living by using natural substances that are healthy, sustainable , and cruelty-free. Ashima concerning her personal affiliation and belief that was closely associated with her venture. Being hooked on diet and looking forward to a lot of natural things was imbibed among her over time.Whereas she was growing up, she was unceasingly encircled by animals and nature. Her father who was an IFS and her family who were improbably confirming of the cause have continually been her biggest strength through her journey of putting in place Vegssup. Ashima has been a Femina Miss India competitor and has spent on the brink of eight years within the media industry, post that she was tempted to require the trail of entrepreneurship moving forth with a cause and putting in place a whole she is extremely dedicated to.

The name of her start-up she said that it meant ‘vegetarian up’, a connotation almost like ‘heads up’, which implies serving to individuals rank everything eater and produce it up in their lifestyle. The name of her startup clearly states the cause and also the center of attention of her startup. Having started from one Instagram post, Vegssup has currently grownup huge in barely 10 months of their launch. They have interaction around 15k users on-line.

“Be focussed, there area unit cycles of highs and lows however you wish to be a fighter”- Ashima religious belief whereas talking concerning her journey of Vegssup.

Vegssup has been recognized underneath the govt of India Startup India program and has partnered with several brands and influencers to this point, moreover, they’re connecting to Indian origin brands ringing with their theme and cause. They aim to market welfare through a plant-based lifestyle and promote a lot of Indian-based natural & organic native product and services, quoting Ashima “We as a rustic as blessed to possess an upscale culture and style of foods and lifestyles that are healthy and wholesome, the whole world is paying attention and adopting Indian ancient practices”.

Also, with totally different campaigns started by the govt of India to market healthiness & fitness, individuals have gotten a lot of privy to leading a healthy lifestyle. Covid-19 has evidenced to be another inflection purpose within the adoption of eater and ancient Indian products & superfoods. various lines of medication like writing, Unani, Siddha, treatment are witnessing mass scale adoption among urban Indians. individuals have begun to return to their roots. They’re turning into a lot of awake to what they eat, what they wear, what product they use, etc.

Her team and also the challenges they’d warded off along, Ashima said they’re a tiny low however powerful team. Her team is extremely dedicated, and she or he permits them to possess an Associate in Nursing open hand in order that the flow of ideas doesn’t stop. She believes in a very democratic sort of leadership. apparently, her team conjointly includes the chief happiness officer, Cherry, the retriever dog who helps them unharness some tension at work.

“Challenges are part of the journey and are attended with excitement” she said. However, they need to have a lot of learning experiences along. A number of the challenges long-faced enclosed curating the proper content for his or her audience, choosing the proper set of workers and partners for the corporate, etc.

The future plans for Vegssup are involved, Ashima said that they already own an outstanding digital defensive structure with around 15k followers on-line. They want to make a platform that educates its users and offers curated product in a very marketplace model in line with the overarching theme of eater, accountable, natural, and ancient however nonetheless creating them accessible to all or any.

They are within the early stages of fulfilling the business model and having established the media platform a part of the business arrange whereas generating revenue, are there currently keen to make the marketplace as a next logical step and are happy to have interaction with prospective investors.

“Vegssup is a diet and natural lifestyle based platforms”. She explained that in India there are platforms that promote veganism or different varieties of diets, however, diet as a full has solely been undertaken by them. The content that they opt for and promote relies on connectedness and recognition and curated in line with the audience. Overall, they need to be covering people’s preferences and enhancing their data concerning eater products, services, and various varieties of drugs.

Having noted that however fast lifestyle, fast service food formats, moving far from nature are number of issues long-faced by Indians, they want to make a platform supported the 3Cs- Content, Community, and Choice, thereby participating and facultative users through the worth chain of all things eater and natural.

The feedback for Vegssup has been nice so far. they need to be receiving a lot of messages often online and are ensuring to be aware of their audience as they are their main focus. They had been experimenting often to search out the proper thanks to keep them engaged and informed.

“Everyone expects a startup to be super-fast and generally one is subject to unnecessary comparison, thereby while creating you forget on why you come into being to try one thing within the initial place. Enable yourself the time to experiment, learn and luxuriate in what you’re building whereas paying attention to the areas of improvement. Building a business could be a marathon”- Ashima Jain, Founder and chief executive officer, Vegssup


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