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Entrepreneurship is not that easy as it looks.

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An entrepreneur is an individual who starts his/her own business, undertaking most of the risks. The entrepreneur uses his/her skills in order to satisfy the needs of the market.
An entrepreneur is like an innovator who creates new ideas and makes decisions to flourish the business.

Reasons behind being an entrepreneur:
• Implement one’s own ideas into business
• Be your own leader
• Ability to pivot
• Passionate about learning
• Create your own corporate culture
• Does not want a lifestyle that isn’t bound to nine to five

However, being an entrepreneur is not a piece of cake. One needs to face many challenges that come in the journey of being a successful entrepreneur.

Challenges faced by an entrepreneur: Hiring employees
 Time management
 Delegating tasks
 Marketing strategy
 Strapped budget
 Finding customers

Not everyone manages to be a successful entrepreneur. Wrong decisions often ruin the career of an entrepreneur.

Mistakes of an entrepreneur:  Unprepared to face challenges
 Negative mindset
 Wasting most of the time on social media
 Expecting fast results for minimal effort
 Unable to identify the ideal customer
 Not valuing people and time
 Lack of network
 Lack of guidance
 Not assessing the performance of the business

Becoming a successful entrepreneur doesn’t just happen overnight and is not easy. But following some tips one can make the dream come true.

Ways to become a successful entrepreneur:  Challenge yourself
 Trust yourself
 Set clear goals
 Plan your finances
 Pay attention to the complaints of customers
 Make networks
 Set company culture
 Self promote
 Get inspiration
 Take risks
 Learn from mistakes
 Be ambitious
 Make yourself known
 Recruit well
 Evolve with the times
 Nurture long-term business relationships
 Motivate and help those around you

Owning one’s own business gives a sense of freedom and empowerment. Entrepreneurs who become successful by managing the risks of a start-up are rewarded with profits, fame and continued growth.
Entrepreneurs play a key role in economic growth.


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