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Prasiddhi Khare Mishra | Spiritual Podcaster, Cartomancer, Psychic Medium

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Interviewed by The Success Today – A Digital Webzine

Could you tell us about yourself and your work?
A thriving media career as a writer and a creative mind which keep me busy with India’s leading media organizations as a consultant, I have a wide reach to an audience that not only listens to my voice and reads my columns, but by being active on diverse media platforms over the past 15 years; including Print, Digital Media and Television & Radio, I have diligently pursued a long and stable career path, gaining expertise through numerous outlets.
My repertoire has now expanded to include OTT Media and Social Media content creation as well. I love writing, content management and On-Air presentation.
But this is just ONE aspect of my personality!
I identify as an old soul, who found her spiritual path and divine calling by giving psychic readings to friends and family pretty much since childhood as a natural clairvoyant. I discovered my passion for cartomancy in those early years when I learnt fortunetelling techniques from traditional German teachers who taught me more than 200-year-old methods of tableau-style readings using the Petit Lenormand deck.
I went on to become an Endorsed Reader by the World Divination Association and World Metaphysical Association, an achievement which only a handful of readers in India can claim.
I also undertook divinity studies from Harvard University under the PredictionX course for divination philosophies around the world.
Alongside teaching hundreds of students the secrets of the Tarot over the years, I am an expert Lenormand, Tarot, Sibilla and Kipper reader.
Having been featured in divination community magazines and newspapers for my contribution to this field, my traditional broadcast media career took on a spiritual life of its own when my readings on radio became extremely popular in Mumbai.
I had my own radio show on All India Radio where I read cards LIVE every Saturday for more than five years and interviewed various healers and readers on-air, on my show. I have had a long broadcasting career as a spiritual radio presenter since then.

How you and your service is helping society?
I believe that knowledge expands when it is shared. Everything that I have learnt in my practice in all these 15 years, I freely and wholeheartedly share with enthusiasts all over the globe. I do not charge for teaching this vidya and it’s purely a labour of love. It is my passion that anyone in need of guidance should either be able to help themselves by being their own Jyotish… Or at least be able to find a trained reader easily…. So that life’s pains can be reduced.
My Tarot tutorials on Youtube called “Tarot Siddhi” have been hugely popular for more than a decade now, among many students of Tarot.
I currently also host a podcast on Cartomancy called “Prasiddhi Predicts” on Spotify and Google Podcasts where I talk about all things related to cartomantic teachings and methods for professional card readings, mediumship and divine healing.

What is the USP of your work?
“Magical readings for clarity and accurate predictions!” Readings are my passion and profession and there is no question that I haven’t explored in these 15 long years as a cartomancer. My clients become my friends & I’m privileged to be a confidant and guide to them in my life.
I’m blessed that my passion for prediction has helped countless souls find light and love in their lives. From bringing messages from departed parents, friends and even pets… All the way to predicting on life’s burning questions, my USP lies in the fact that I’m usually the last hope left for most people. By the time they come to consult me…. They have exhausted all possible “viable” options and are finally hoping that a psychic reader like me will tell them the final answer.
I’m a seasoned cartomancer and connect with spirit through my various card decks. I have mastery over Lenormand, Sibilla, Kipper and Tarot cards (most card readers in India do not read anything other than Tarot and I’m teaching them to expand their toolkit) and I have created my own divination system also which uses a combination of all these rich systems.

What are your Vision and Mission?
“Vision”… It’s my favorite word. For someone who is a clairvoyant, I’m constantly questioned about the work I do. The science behind it, the proof of my accuracy and the logic behind card readings. My hope is that psychic and spiritual phenomenon should be explained and seen as a valid way to not only make a living but also a trustworthy tool for self-healing, soul growth and the manifestation of dreams and goals.
I strive diligently to be a coach, a guiding star and a friend in need to those who often approach me with immense love and faith and allow me to help them chart a happy and successful path ahead in life.

What are your achievements in this industry?
I have recently been awarded the “She Inspires Global Women Inspiration Award”, in recognition of my lifelong work and inspiring journey. I was one of the 100 most inspiring women in the world and it certainly felt like a pat on the back by the divine powers who keep me alive and help me serve others in this life.
I have more than 35 certifications in various healing and divination methodologies. I constantly keep learning new systems and techniques.
I’m also a trained Psychic Medium and Crime and Forensic reader and help lawyers, journalists and detectives to find lost people, pets and work on high-profile international crime cases and help justice to prevail.
In my personal capacity I help police, law firms and troubled souls to find answers to puzzling mysteries. I point their cases in the correct direction and solve crime stories and help officials to launch a proper investigation which saves lives, rescues trapped people and ensures either survival or solutions that the investigation is lacking.
I also initiate and train new readers in the intricate craft of Cartomancy and help them navigate their readings with accuracy and expertise.

Does your work ever feel tedious to you? If so, how do you stay driven and motivated toward it?
I’m naturally curious about life. I want to know what’s next and have a deeply analytical bent of mind. There is never a dull day. I’m doing something that never feels like work… It’s my passion.
What are predictions? They are stories of our lives. What we are creating in this very moment will come to pass in the near and far future. What we are living today has come into existence because the long chain of causes and effects keeps us tied to this screenplay which is our life.
The moment I sit to read for anyone, I open a window to peep into their soul. I ask my guides to show me what is for them to know to get to their highest good. Remember that life breathes, and experience is a new thing daily, but my cards remain the same.
The great story writer in the sky could have shown me anything… But the cards fell the way they fell because they are whispering the truth in their very own language. I will be looking into parts of my client’s life that are deeply intimate, things they won’t tell anyone, they spill out to me.
These sessions show them what they have been ignoring and avoiding dealing with.
I hold this sacred space for people to bare their hearts and soul where they won’t be judged for their journey in life. Together we untangle the knots and allow spirit to heal.
These cards are pure magic. I wish everyone gets to taste this joy. I’m always charged and ready to read others like a book. I care about people, I’m an empath and this work is my soul’s mission. There is such little time and so many people to help. There is no question of getting tired. I meditate daily… I read daily and I have my own spiritual practice which keeps me supercharged.

What are your hobbies and specific interests other than your profession?
I’m a trained singer in the Gwalior Gharana of Indian classical music and have been a Label Manager with Universal Music Group in India and Times Music in the past.
I have been a radio show host since childhood and have also rendered character voices to movies and mythological and animation serials as a dubbing artist.
I have been part of a national theatre group for children called ‘Toli’ by Shri B.V. Karanth and Miss Vibha Mishra..the stalwarts who taught me drama and acting as a child and I closely associated with dramatics at school and also at the amateur level in TV shows during my teenage.
I have also sung for the remix albums of Times Music- DJ Suketu’s 440 Volts & Eveready War of the DJ’S album, White Water and Lounge Safari 2, with the video track- Vada Karo Xtramile Mix!! Many such creative releases in the past… Pure joy if you ask me.

You have achieved so much in life, any specific advice you’d like to share with our readers to grow in life?
I wish to say that do everything you want to do. “Multipotentialite” is how I describe myself and I encourage young students who seek my guidance for career choices that they too should chase all dreams.Both long term and short-term. Sky is the limit. Find your passion, find your voice and stay true to your mission. Stay connected to your inner voice and always listen to your heart… It’s the portal to the divine.

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