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Business Journey
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Interviewed by The Success Today – A Digital Webzine

Few words about Nishant S Mehta and his Business.

I am a serial entrepreneur, a sagacious mentor, a Chartered Accountant (CPA of India), and an MBA in Finance. I feel delighted t share with you that I am also one of the only people in India with a combination of certified degrees in CA, LLM, and MBA at the age as young as 31 years and 6 months only. Additionally, I am an accomplished and enthusiastic speaker, traveller, and supporter of Toastmasters International, Rotary International, CII – Youth Wing of CII – Young Indians, Mumbai, and IMC – YLF, moreover, I am the Inter Nations Consul for the Mumbai Entrepreneurs Group too.

How you started your journey in this industry?

When I first stepped up to begin building the foundation of my career, I was convinced that I wanted to pursue Science, but after being accepted into one of Mumbai’s finest colleges- H. R College, I chose CA as my career path. Although I had failed to crack my CA finals at one go, when I did pass in my next attempt, I ranked amongst the top 100 candidates in the country.

Belonging from a strict Marwari family, I found it super challenging to persuade my father to let me work for KPMG, the place that in four years made me realise that one client accounted for 90% of my income. And after six months, I advanced my career working as a freelancer for other accounting firms. I eventually got my first client, who also befell to be my former boss.

What makes you passionate and motivates you to work for this society?

As a well-known name in the banking and film industries, it is my firm belief that in order to be successful one must follow the three GOLDEN RULES: Connect, Network, and Bond.

Society has played a vital role in making me the person that I am today, and I am determined to give something back in return for it.

Tell us about your contributions to this society. What are the major causes that you’re working for?

The women of our society have been suppressed and controlled for ar too long. The CAWSE foundation’s mission is to provide all children and women with a safe environment free of sexual assault, violence, abuse, exploitation, and gender inequality. I have been an active member of this organisation for the past three years as the foundation’s Global Financial and Legal Advisor, working to empower and uplift women by providing training in various skill development so that they can earn a living.

Additionally, I am a member of the Rotary Club of Mumbai Coastline, Rotary International, YLF – Young Leaders Forum (IMC’s Youth Wing), Rotaract, Rotary International, Volunteer at TEDx Gateway – Speaker Curation Team, and Toastmasters International, District 98.

What are your achievements so far in this industry?

Throughout my 21-year career and three years as an entrepreneur, I have been awarded numerous honours and prizes. I feel both honoured and proud of each of the following awards/honours listed below:

⦁ Awarded, Recognized and Featured among India’s Top Professionals and shared space with most eminent personalities like #HonShiv Nadar #Neeta Ambani #Gauri Khan and many more renowned personalities who are the face of today’s generation.

⦁ Indian Achiever Among Top 50 under 50 for the year 2020 – The Indian Achiever’s Club.

⦁ Recognized and Awarded as one of the “Leading Chartered Accountant in India” 2020, Uk, London, at the London Parliament by Swabhiman India Foundation, BBMG Nobel Awards among other Indian awardees residing in countries like USA, Nigeria, New Zealand, England, Ireland and India.

⦁ Excellence in Fintech & Banking Audits, Business Mint, 2020

⦁ Honoured & Awarded Certificate of Appreciation by India Book of Records to be the only person in India to have the combination of CA, LLM and MBA in India at the age of 31 years and 6 months.

⦁ Moderated YI Leadership Talk Series with eminent speakers like Gauri Kirloskar, Ankush Nijhawan, Yashraj Akashi, Shweta Shukla, Sona Nambiar, Ruchika Mehta, Viraj Sheth & many more.

⦁ Moderated YI Lockdown Series with Eminent Speakers on Finance, Legal, Investment Banking.

⦁ Dynamic Entrepreneur of the Year, 2019, India, Business Mint.

⦁ Key Note Speaker at #StartAb – A Initiative Collaborated by Josh Talks & Facebook, 2019

⦁ Brand Icon Awards 2019, Leading Travel Networking Organization in India – Toogle Travel Pvt Ltd

⦁ India‘s 5000 Best MSME (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise Award) – in the Chartered Accountant, Category, 2017

⦁ WOW Award – Financial Wizard of the Year 2017.

⦁ Best Enthusiasm Member, Toastmasters, District 98, 2016-2017

⦁ Best Council Member, Toastmasters, District 98 – 2015-2016

Final comment/Message you want to give to the audience.

 “Freedom can come only when you have the key to all difficulties”.

My interest in finance held the key for me. My interests were narrowed down in order to bring out the best in the commercial sector. My achievements catapulted the company to new heights. I believe it’s an excellent way to build an army that will guide not only Indian but also international entrepreneurs.

I started my journey alone, but now I travel with millions of people who want to learn more. Make up your own persona. Fintech provided me with my identity; now it’s up to you to discover yours.

Aim for excellence and work hard to achieve it.


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