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Rashmi Vyas – Clinical Dietician, Consulting Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator

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Interviewed by The Success Today – A Digital Webzine

Tell us a bit about yourself and your business.
Since I was in school, I have found immense joy in guiding, teaching and helping people reach their desired objectives. Having done my Masters in Specialized Dietetics, I took up assignments and jobs in various hospitals across Mumbai wherein I would look after the nutritional requirements of the patients & help them recover. Later, I realized that prevention is always better than cure and so I should reach out to people who are facing some health issues that are still at the initial stage so that I can help them to prevent serious complications through proper Nutrition therapy. That’s how the idea of setting up a virtual nutritional consultancy sprung up!
Restore Health is a philosophy that houses the idea of combining Indian health concepts with modern science while providing health solutions for all. Restore Health is backed by passion and science towards building a community of healthier individuals. A healthy life is not just about eating the right food but also about having a more holistic approach towards nutrition and its alignment with the body.
I am passionate about guiding individuals to discover how their bodies function when they lead a life that is healthy, natural, fun and wholesome.

What inspired you to start a career in this field?
I belong to a family that had strived to provide me with nutritious food right from my childhood. Although my parents did not have any formal education in food sciences, they followed a simple principle that feeding me healthy and hygienic food would be more beneficial rather than constantly giving medications to treat the symptoms. This has helped me to upgrade from being under-weight, skinny and severely constipated to having a healthy weight, thriving gut health and a nourished body.

Seeing the power of nutrition and its effect on human bodies, especially on me, I decided to research a bit more. Studies have continually proved that 84.7% of the diseases in the world develop due to poor and unhealthy diets. This could be reversed by improving eating habits and behaviors.
With this intention, I decided to pursue this as a career.

What services do you provide, and how are they beneficial to your clients/customers?
We specialize in Diabetes Management & Heart health. I conduct a lot of seminars, especially for diabetes patients. We have made a small e-guide for Understanding Diabetes that contains essential information about the condition, nutritional guidance and interesting recipes for all diabetics!
We also see clients with PCOS, Thyroid, Gastritis, GERD, general Weight loss, etc. We have also started with Corporate Wellness, School Workshops, Online Webinars, Pantry makeover, Restaurant menu modifications, etc.
Making it a daily practice to cultivate healthy habits is one of my primary goals while working with my clients. We at Restore Health encourage each one of them to understand & listen to body cues. Clients come back telling how easy and enjoyable our programs are- because we suggest foods made from common kitchen ingredients eliminating any kind of meal-replacement powders or shakes or unnecessary supplements that isn’t recommended. Additionally, we always design a personalized plan of action that suits the individual’s preferences, requirements and lifestyle schedule. Imagine eating all your favorite foods while also leading a healthy lifestyle! This is what makes it sustainable & easy to follow because health is not an expense, it’s an investment.

What have you achieved so far?
For a doctor, to see his patient fully recovered is the best reward and achievement! Similarly, when I look back at my clients looking after their health, working towards their goals, inculcating healthy eating habits in their life and taking a step towards “themselves” each day – I pat myself on the back!

I would like to share about a project I was working on 2 years back. I researched the kind of foods that are available in school canteens in Mumbai. I had shared my analysis with the Food and Drug Administration, Maharashtra who were equally shocked to see the sorry state of hygiene and unavailability of any healthy food options to children at school. Thankfully, only within a few months, new guidelines were enforced across all government and private schools under the Canteen Management Policy. This was covered by the Times of India as well.

Let me also talk about my passion project- “Women’s Wellness 100/100” which focuses primarily on women above the age of 35. In the workshop, we discuss the real health problems that women at this age face on a daily basis, bust a lot of food myths and provide individual nutritional guidance. The mission has reached 100 women already, and the next milestone is to hit 1000 of them.

The project has been getting a lot of positive reviews, and I consider this a big achievement that I am able to motivate so many women to take the charge of their health in their hands! As ultimately, the world is only as strong as the health of its women!

What drives your passion and motivates you to work tirelessly?
Being a firm believer of traditional Indian health concepts, I feel the need to take this knowledge that I have inherited to a larger audience. Modern science has given us enough evidence about its many benefits. I keep moving to a different state every 2 years, and nothing but the people around me are the real motivation! When I observe how health is taken for granted, how healthy food is casually substituted with pills and powders, how nutritional science is considered orthodox or old school – my passion for spreading more awareness about Health & nutrition keeps growing multifold!
My mission is to share my knowledge about Nutrition with as many people as possible and provide them with absolute health solutions that are practical, easy and sustainable.

What is your one piece of advice for achieving success in life?
The right intent and the correct efforts in the right direction can help you achieve your goals in countless ways.


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