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Sakshi Duggal Kumria – Numerologist | Life Coach | Vastu Consultant

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Interviewed by The Success Today – A Digital Webzine.

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself and your company.

Hi, I am Sakshi Duggal Kumria, a numerologist, life coach, and Vaastu consultant for 18+ years. I am primarily into this study or field because of my mother, who is a world-famous and renowned numerologist herself. From the very tender age of 9, I’ve watched her predict for people and claim success in her life through the stream of numerology. As a child, it came to me as though I had inherited my passion for numerology from her, and it’s kind of in my blood to predict for people, understand the 9 planets and how these planets impact us and our lives. I feel like I’m the chosen one because, despite having 56 degrees and certificates to myself from all over the globe, this profession picked me to guide people, nurture them, help them in the most challenging times of their lives and help them get through them. It’s a study of nine planets that is an essential part of occult science in today’s time, and with my kind of experience, I believe it will only get more renowned and become a time of the call. Everybody needs to know what is next and needs the guidance of people like us to help them get through their toughest and most challenging phases of life.

2) What motivated you to pursue a career in this field?

Nothing has been more inspiring to me than my role model, my mom, who has been my guru, my mentor, and has been so renowned in this field. I have always been an intuitive child, and so the knowledge, the intuition, and the experience led me to where I am today.

3) What services or products do you offer, and how do your customers or clients benefit from them?

I do the predictions of my clients who come to me with very important decisions to be made in their lives, be it about their health, wealth, change of jobs, marital issues, issues with children, location change, or if they want to know about their careers, or about their relationships, deaths, or health issues.

Every person has some issues they’re struggling with. God hasn’t spared any of us from issues and challenges in life. This is where we come in, to guide you through the challenges and difficulties you may face in your life. Numerology isn’t magic or tantra-mantra, it’s a mere study of planets explaining their impacts on your lives on the basis of one’s date of birth that helps us to understand life better and how to go about it. Apart from Predictions, I provide remedies to my clients for fruitful results and removing negativity in their lives.

I feel a very important part of my work is life coaching. That is, if something is not too positive, I help people to give that ray of hope and help them get through their toughest challenges.

Today, my clients and I have become such a happy family that I’m truly blessed to have them. Each and everyone has so much love and faith in me and my work and what I tell them. 

Apart from predictions, remedies for their challenges, guidance, coaching, I think the support and the trust I have or give to my clientele is a very important part of my work.

4) What have you accomplished in this industry thus far?

I have achieved a lot of accomplishments and accolades on various platforms globally. I think I’ve been blessed enough at the age of 42 to achieve this kind of height in my profession. Amongst all others, the top of the charts has to be me being featured in Forbes under the title “The Pride of India.” I’ve been included as an influential Indian in 2021 in the coffee table book. I’ve been on the cover page of the magazine, which is like a dream come true for me. I have been regularly featured on TV channels, in the media, in newspapers and in magazines. I feel this social platform recognition is definitely an add-on in my profession. 

But most of all, what I have achieved is my beautiful, loyal clientele as my family, how they trust me and include me as a part of their lives, so that is for me, the biggest achievement I’ve had so far.

5) What fuels your passion and motivates you to work nonstop?

I run an NGO by the name of “Golden Lioness Club Anaya,” where I’ve taken on a number of children; I’m primarily into child care for children who are underprivileged. So, I feel this is my passion, my area of peace, and for this, I want to work as hard as possible so I’m able to feed these children from my income. This is my major source of motivation. To feed the needy, I have to work harder, and that is something that takes me from one level to the other. Today, I am the president of an NGO, which is not a very common thing amongst the age group that I belong to. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to serve underprivileged children and be the reason for their smiles in their lives.

6) What is your one piece of advice for achieving personal success?

When you reach from the bottom to the top, remember that this is your sole journey. You don’t carry everybody together. Yes, you do grow together, but once you reach the top, you have to be alone and strive to keep it that way. As a result, every day is a challenge, every day is a turbulent experience, and every day is a learning experience, so there is no end to success; as I say, success is a journey, not a destination.


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