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Vindya Ayyar – Author | Life Coach | Industrial Psychologist | Career Counsellor

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Interviewed by The Success Today – A Digital Webzine.

Could you tell us about yourself and your work?
I am a Life coach, an author, Industrial Psychologist, and a Career Counsellor. My journey began two decades ago. It was a humble beginning. I worked as a KG teacher in a school for underprivileged kids. Those children’s blessings have helped me achieve what I am today. My work involves meeting people, and they would often like to share their side of their life stories. It makes me a responsible person since my work is based on the trust factor. I smile confidently because of people’s affection and respect for me.

I am married to an Indian Navy officer, which makes me stronger. This naval life allowed me to explore as I lived in several parts of the country. The exposure and motherhood made me sober down and learnt to compose myself better. My children are grown up, but I thoroughly enjoyed being a mother.

How you and your service is helping society?
I want to emphasize that I meet many people due to my profession. Whether training college students, Employees or counselling are all fundamental contributions to society. People want to enhance their domain expertise, but Life skills are essential. They learn a lot when they spend time, energy, and money on that. This is, directly and indirectly, contributing to the society that we live in. My service is to build confidence, and self-awareness, taking them out of any psychological issues and guiding them to choose the right career. It is a whole thing, and I feel I am doing a noble service to society.
I don’t wish to discuss the free social service I do because it loses its purpose.

What is the USP of your work?
I can connect with people easily; strangers feel safe talking to me and sharing their secrets or life events. This is because I respect every human being and acknowledge them in a way they feel comfortable. I think this is my USP, an essential quality of my work.

What are your Vision and Mission?
My Vision is to see more self-motivated people achieve their dreams fearlessly. I strive for it daily because I believe in being consistent. My efforts are towards a society where people are aware of themselves and steer their life happily.
My mission is taken from Swami Vivekananda. It is, “Arise, Awake and stop not till the goal is reached”. I believe in actions. Therefore this statement reminds me to keep my focus continuously.

What are your achievements in this industry?
I became an author accidentally. I started scribbling on social media platforms. Some good souls appreciated and encouraged me to write down more. Thus I got tremendously injected with positive vibes, and today I am an author of two books, “Dews on the cheek” and “Many hearts, one beat” I was interviewed by Rainbow FM Radio Mumbai on my journey to becoming an Author. I consider this one of my most significant achievements.
I am not good with numbers. Therefore, I won’t be able to give the exact number of people I trained, counselled and mentored. However, the intangible dividends I receive from my trainees on Teacher’s day or Guru Poornima day are incredible. I am certain that it is more than any prestigious award.
As a Counselor, I saved two lives about to commit suicide, which is the BIGGEST achievement in my entire career.

Does your work ever feel tedious to you? If so, how do you stay driven and motivated towards it?
I work out of passion, and many people have asked me why I am travelling or slogging. My answer to this question is “PASSION”. I might sometimes feel tired physically, but my mind is always fresh and open to new ideas and opportunities. As I mentioned earlier, my husband’s job is transferable. And we have lived in different places. It is so apparent that I had to make new friends and work in new organizations; these challenges motivated me to be in touch with my subjects. I am a learner, and I spend money to upgrade my qualifications. This confidence makes me feel to stay motivated.

What are your hobbies and specific interests other than your profession?
I like singing and listening to music. I think I am entitled to have this weakness!
I am a tarot card reader, which is my other spiritual side. It answers some of the questions, and I can connect with people. When our spiritual quotient is balanced, we will be mindful in our actions to remember the values that we set for ourselves. This gives me the humility to be an amiable person in my profession and personal life.

You have achieved so much in life. Any specific advice you’d like to share with our readers to grow in life?
I want to share my view that a positive attitude should be nurtured because it is within us. Success is intoxication, and we may get carried away by its perks. However, our right attitude will keep us stay grounded.

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